Getting Trading Ideas


The most challenging aspect of starting to invest is picking the first few stocks to add to a portfolio. Every investor has their own techniques and strategies, but we want to give you the tools you need to place your first trades, and get your portfolio off to a running start.Establish GoalsBefore choosing your first […]

Assignments Upgrade

new assignments

A common request we receive is professors looking for ways to make StockTrak more accessible for students in entry-level classes – students who are first starting to understand the fundamentals of investments and finance, or participating in remote classes with less face time with professors for explanation on how to get their portfolio started.Well, we […]

What are Spot Contracts


DefinitionSpot and Futures contracts are a standardized, transferable legal agreement to make or take delivery of a specified amount of a certain commodity, currency, or an asset at the current date. The price is determined when the agreement is made.The only difference between spots and futures is the delivery date. The current date is used […]

What is a Ticker Symbol

telegram machine

Definition:A “Ticker Symbol” is a unique one to five letter code used by the stock exchanges to identify a company. It is called a ticker symbol because the stock quotes used to be printed on a ticker tape machine that looked like the images below. WARNING: The ticker symbol is NOT just an abbreviation of the company’s […]

What is a Mutual Fund

fund numbers

Mutual Funds are a way you can buy into a wide range of stocks, bonds, money markets, or other securities all at once. They are professionally managed, so you are basically buying a piece of a larger portfolio.DefinitionMutual Funds come in several different “flavors”, but the core concept is always the same: the fund is […]

What is an ETF

ETF cloud

ETFs are a fairly new way that you can buy a large group of stocks, assets, or other securities all at once. ETFs trade just like stock; you can buy and sell shares of an ETF throughout the day on an exchange.DefinitionETF funds are not usually actively managed, instead they work like an index; the […]

Why Invest In Stocks

Simply put, when you have money to invest for an extended period of time (like 20 years or more), the stock market historically has provided the greatest return.When most people are able to save money, they usually put it in the bank. Banks usually pay interest on the cash in your account, so if you […]

Getting and Understanding Stock Quotes


DefinitionA stock quote represents the last price at which a seller and a buyer of a stock agreed on a price to make the trade. Because stock prices are determined by a continuous auction process between buyers and sellers, stock prices change frequently as the buyers and sellers change. Prices also change as new information […]

Most Popular Mutual Funds

Following is a list of the most popular (largest) mutual funds. Rank Symbol Fund Name 1 PIMCO:Tot Rtn;Inst 2 Fidelity Cash Reserves 3 Vanguard Prime MM;Inv 4 Vanguard T StMk Idx;Inv 5 Vanguard Instl Indx;Inst 6 JPMorgan:Prime MM;Cap 7 Fidelity Contrafund 8 Vanguard 500 Index;Adm 9 Vanguard T StMk Idx;Adm 10 American Funds CIB;A 11 […]

Student-Only Rankings


One of the most common requests we’ve received from professors is to remove themselves from the class ranking, leaving only student accounts. We have just as many professors who like to leave “benchmark” portfolios for students to compete against, keeping the competitions lively.To accommodate both types of teaching, we are happy to announce a new […]

Open Positions Sorting


The Open Positions on StockTrak have just gotten an upgrade.Now from the “list” view, students can sort their holdings alphabetically, quantity held, price paid, last price, market value, or profit/loss. Simply click the column heading of the value you would like to sort by to instantly re-order your holdings by what matters most.

New Career Center


This might be the most valuable update to StockTrak yet!Last year, over 80% of students who used StockTrak believed it made them a stronger candidate in the job market, and we take that information seriously. We want to help your students find jobs, and to help, we have launched our new Career Center.The Career Center […]

What can you to improve your career while in school

Start looking for internships today

Just because you aren’t graduating this semester does not mean you can ignore the job market! There are some very important steps you can take towards starting a great career that you are still in school that over 90% of students overlook, find out what you should be doing now!

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Of Job Seekers

tossed application

Graduating students who hit the job market can go for months without a single call back or interview if they make just one of these mistakes. Even if you have a perfect academic record, internship experience, and a head start, make sure you do not fall into one of these common traps that will get your application immediately rejected.

The Truth About Internships

fetching coffee

Most students search hard for a great internship to help launch their career. Unfortunately, not all internships are created equal. Learn how to spot internships that provide great work experience, valuable networking opportunities, and very few coffee runs.

Exercising Options Upgrade


If your class includes options trading or derivatives, you have probably covered options, and how to exercise them, in great detail.In the past, StockTrak generally discouraged students from exercising options, since it is generally more profitable to sell the option contract itself and keep the time premium. If students wanted to exercise their options, previously […]

StockTrak New Features For Fall 2016


Everything you ever wanted to teach your next investments or finance classes StockTrak Set To Launch A Completely Redesigned Trading Platform The StockTrak Team has been working very hard to offer you the best stock market simulation and virtual trading application. We are proud to officially announce the release of our newly redesigned trading platform […]

Refinancing Student Loans For Better Interest Rates

Student Loan

STOCK-TRAK’S Get Rich Slowly Tip: Refinance Your Student Loan and Start Saving Your Cash! If you want to get become wealthy, most successful people will agree it is easier to get rich slowly than to get rich quickly.  When most recent college graduates think about improving their personal wealth they tend to focus on making […]

Real-Time Class Rankings


The Achilles Heel of big class competitions on StockTrak used to be the lag between when your students’ portfolio values updated, and when they moved in the rankings. For big classes, this delay could be over 2 hours long.With this most recent update, your class rankings are now streaming in real time – as soon […]

New Streaming Prices


Using StockTrak could be an exercise of patience for students who day trade – constantly refreshing the Open Positions to see price movements can be draining.Not anymore!With our most recent upgrade, the Open Positions now flashes price updates as they happen – every few seconds, the values will update.It is also color coded – green […]

New webservers – faster than ever!


This semester we have been working hard at some back-end upgrades to help StockTrak grow into the future.This week we completed a serious upgrade to our webserver space – in short terms, StockTrak is now much faster and more reliable than ever before!Our initial benchmark tests show open positions and class reports load 20% faster, […]

New Series 7 Course Available

The Series 7 course is a great addition to your resume

Do you have students looking forward to a career as a Stock Broker? They will need the Series 7 certification!StockTrak has partnered with Securities Training Corporation, who has trained over 75% of professionals working on Wall Street today in at least one of their training programs, to offer the new Series 7 prep course to […]

New Option Payout Diagrams


Options trading on StockTrak just got better with our new Option Payout Diagrams!Now, as soon as a student pulls up a quote for an option, we will also draw the payout diagram showing the break-even points and estimated profit for the option contracts based on the underlying stock price.Just one more way StockTrak is at […]

New Open Positions Charts


The new wave of portfolio management is here!With our most recent update, all StockTrak users can view their Open Positions either with the classic list view, or switch to brand-new Charts.The charts can toggle between the performance of each user’s holdings over the last day, month, or year. They are also color-coded: green means the […]

TraderEx Is Now Available For All StockTrak Users!


StockTrak is the world’s leading portfolio simulation, but what if you could also include a trading simulation with your class?With TraderEx, you can! What is TraderEx?TraderEx is a way to simulate working as a Wall Street trader throughout a single trading day. The portfolio manager (professor) gives instructions to the traders (students) which they need to complete […]

New System Messages

New System Messaging has been added to StockTrak!These new system messages appear as a colored bar at the top of the screen – these are used by our team to relay important information to all users, such as market closures or any system announcements all users need to be aware of.This is also the fastest […]

New Research Tools Now On StockTrak!


Using StockTrak in your finance and investing classes just got a lot easier!Starting today, the “Quotes” page on StockTrak has a new suite of professional-grade research tools at your students’ disposal.This powerful new addition brings the StockTrak simulation to a whole new level.These professional investment research tools include detailed information at every level:“Markets” includes market […]