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Stock-Trak® has been the leading provider of educational virtual trading applications since 1990.

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Reaching 800,000+ high school, middle school, college and adult learners each year.

Stock-Trak has been the leading provider of educational stock market portfolio simulations and personal finance applications since 1990.


Disappointed with lack of any real-world trading experience in his graduate-level Investments classes, Stock-Trak’s Founder and CEO, Mark T. Brookshire, wrote the first virtual trading application designed exclusively for college Investments classes shortly after graduating from Georgia Tech with a Master’s of Science in Management.

From the original concept of providing university students with the opportunity to simulate managing a portfolio of stocks, bonds and mutual funds, Stock-Trak’s family of financial education sites has grown to include nearly a dozen proprietary sites each serving a different audience. Stock-Trak also white labels its virtual trading application to banks, brokerages and other financial services companies.

ST equities trading

The StockTrak virtual trading application is the only virtual trading simulation that:

  • Features trading of U.S. stocks, options, bonds, futures, mutual funds, futures options, and equities from 50 global exchanges
  • Allows for complete customization by the professor/instructor/teacher so that the trading dates, commission structure, security types, and other trading parameters can be tailored to meet the class or group objectives
  • Encourages students to keep a “trade diary” to record their strategies as they make each trade
  • Permits professors/instructors/teachers to review our built-in curriculum and create a customized “Assignment” that requires their students/users to read certain articles, watch certain videos, and make certain types of trades; each of these activities includes a Pop Quiz at the end to insure student mastery of the concepts being taught

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After 27 years of business and 7 million users, the Stock-Trak Family of sites continues to grow and now includes:

Stock-Trak Family of Sites

STOCKTRAK.COM — TARGETS UNIVERSITY BUSINESS CLASSES AND TRADING ROOMS. is now used by more than 1,000 professors and their 70,000 college students each year, including over 80% of the top U.S. Business Schools

HOWTHEMARKETWORKS.COM – TARGETS HIGH SCHOOL & COLLEGE STUDENTS IN PERSONAL FINANCE, BUSINESS AND FINANCE CLASSES; AS WELL AS ADULTS WANTING TO LEARN ABOUT INVESTING IN THE STOCK MARKET. HowtheMarketWorks is now used by 400,000 users each year and features trading of U.S. stocks, bonds and mutual funds. This site also allows any user to create a customized stock market game and challenge their classmates or friends. The site also features over 300 educational articles, videos and assignments aligned to national high school standards.

WALLSTREETSURVIVOR.COM — TARGETS THE GENERAL PUBLIC THAT WANTS TO LEARN HOW TO INVEST IN THE STOCK MARKET; INCLUDES FREE COURSES. Wall Street Survivor&reg is used by 150,000 individuals each year looking to learn about the stock market and practice trading U.S. stocks and options with a free virtual portfolio. This site also features many short and concise courses to provide more information.

VIRTUAL-STOCK-EXCHANGE.COM — TARGETS INTERNATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS IN PERSONAL FINANCE AND INVESTING CLASSES; AS WELL AS INVESTMENT CLUBS WITH A GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE. Virtual-Stock-Exchange has over 15,000 global users each year, primarily based in North America and Europe. This site allows users to trade in English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, Hungarian, or several other languages, based on their preference.

PERSONAL FINANCE LAB – TARGETS HIGH SCHOOL BUSINESS AND PERSONAL FINANCE PROGRAMS. PersonalFinanceLab is a unified platform combining our cutting-edge stock market game with embedded curriculum used in personal finance, economics, and business classes.

NATIONALSMS.COM – TARGETS THE GENERAL CONSUMER. The SMS&reg (Stock Market Simulations) brand is used by 5,000 teachers and their 100,000 plus students each year in their high school economics, math and social studies classes

INVESTING101.NET – TARGETS INDIVIDUALS LOOKING FOR AN ONLINE INTRODUCTORY STOCK MARKET COURSE. Investing 101 is an online Investments course that is structured like a college level class with chapters, additional reading, exercises and quizzes to that users can monitor their own progress and move at their own pace.