Personal Budgeting Game for Students & Adults

Fully Customizable Personal Budgeting Game

Create a unique budgeting game by selecting a life stage scenario for your users and by chosing appropriate embedded lessons.

Real-Life Scenarios; Real Learning

Users learn to manage their checking, savings and credit card accounts, deal with life’s expected and unexpected events, and try to increase their emergency fund, credit score, net worth, and overall game score.

Gamified for Enhanced Engagement

As users demonstrate competencies and reach certain levels of achievements, they earn badges and climb up the rankings.

Life Stage Scenarios
Integrated Lessons
Emergency Fund
Credit Score
Quality of Life
Overall Game Score

Our Personal Budgeting Game Features

customizable budget game

Customizable & Configurable

Whether you are a teacher, professor or corporate educator, we can help you configure a budget game to meet your objectives by customizing the life scenario, the game events that occur, and the integrated lessons.

financial literacy game

Educational and Gamified

With the ability to integrate lessons and quizzes, our platform makes sure the user learns basic skills along the way. Users earn badges as they establish budgeting milestones and demonstrate mastery of the concepts.

personal finance game

Online or In Classroom

Our budget game can be used as supplement to other classroom materials, or it can be used as as self-paced exercise. Depending on the lessons selected, it can be as deep and thorough as needed.

teacher reporting

Reporting and Assessments

A wide variety of reports and assessments provide the admin with complete visibility into each user’s progress through the game and his/her understanding of the pre-selected lessons.

One game to teach Budgeting, Savings
Credit Management and Investing.

How It Works

custom features

Step 1

Instructors Set The Rules

Instructors start out by choosing the specific rules of their class. These can also be updated as the simulation progresses through the semester!

• What will be your student’s monthly rent?
• How much will they pay for car insurance and utilities?
• What wage will they earn at their part-time job?
• How much income tax will be charged?
• Does your class start as full-time workers, or college students with a part-time job? If they start as students, when do they “graduate” into the full-time workforce?

Teachers can also customize the types of “Life Events” that occur in the game. Emphasize risk and insurance while you cover it in class, then encourage more events focusing on reading and understanding contracts, and much more!

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students make a budget

Step 2

Students Start The Game

Your students’ goals are to build their net worth by transferring money from their checking account to savings, and build up their credit score by responsibly covering cash flow shortfalls (and paying off their balance on time).

Students progress through 12 “months” of the game, with each month taking about 20 minutes to complete. “Life Events” crop up every couple days, with unplanned expenses (and occassionally income) putting pressure on their budget – requiring careful planning!

Class rankings tie everything together, with students able to compare their net worth, credit score, and overall score with their classmates!

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realistic budget events

Step 3

Life Happens, Learning Begins!

Students progress through the game, with similar (but not the same) events happening across the class. Students taking a risk will sometimes pay off, but sometimes it comes back to bite! This is an awesome starting point for class discussions – who did what, and how did it pay off?

While students work through the budgeting game, they also work through the lessons you set up from our customizable resource library (with built-in assessments) for a completely customized learning experience!

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This budget game is more than just a budget game. It is really a financial life simulation that covers so much more than just budgeting.

Chuck L, SVP Digital Education for a major US bank

Recommended Use Cases


Ideal for Personal Finance classes but also used in Campus-wide Financial Literacy Initiatives for all students.

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K-12 Schools

Personal Finance, Business & Economics classes; but also used by Finance Academies and CTE programs nationwide.

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We white label our budgeting game for other educational organizations and for corporate employee financial wellness programs.

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The general public is welcome to use and learn by joining one of our monthly contests.

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Supercharged with Customizable Resources

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Personal Finance

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Complete Resources

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Standards Alignment

Completely Gamified with Badges and Achievements!

PersonalFinanceLab’s budget game, stock game, and lesson library have hundreds of achievements, badges,
and rewards in store for students as they progress!

Students earn badges as they complete objectives and core learning concepts, and level up their badges
as they improve concept mastery! Badges are available even beyond your core class requirements,
encouraging students to explore and go “above and beyond”!

Student Accounts, School Site Licenses and Corporate Pricing

Find out about pricing plans on the virtual Stock-Trak
trading application and the new budget game.