White Label Financial Literacy Platform

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Educate Your Audience and Grow Your Business with a Branded Financial Education Site!

Ideal for banks, credit unions, employee education, or non-profit organizations

An experiential learning platform for making informed financial decisions.

We have solutions for 50 to 50,000 users.

Turnkey solutions starting at $500/month.

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Create a Fun and Interactive User Experience

Provide your ideal customers or community with interactive and engaging games that simulate real-life personal finance scenarios. They’ll get to practice making informed decisions on budgeting, saving, and investing. All while immersed within your fully branded site. Gain credibility and trust from your audience. So you can build deeper relationships and customer loyalty based around shared values.

With the combination of a fully customizable virtual trading simulation and a personalized budgeting game, you could launch a financial education platform that provides the full picture of financial literacy. Plus, you can incorporate your own custom lessons, or choose lessons from our learning library on personal finance topics. Your community outreach program could help inspire more meaningful conversations about money. Taking away the fear of the financial markets and helping them build long-term wealth.

Prices start at just $500 per month. Just ‘Request More Info’ below and let our experienced team help you reach your goals…


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Community Outreach

Provide your community with resources to help them make informed financial decisions. Host unlimited contests, each with their own custom trading rules. Launch your fully branded financial education site in as little as 2 weeks! With your logos, colors and messaging throughout the platform.

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Educational Resource

Educational Resource

Develop real-world financial literacy skills with an engaging, immersive simulation. With supplemental learning materials that reinforce core concepts covered in the games. You’ll get access to 300+ self-grading lessons aligned to national and state standards, so you can trust your participants are learning valuable information.

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Campus-wide Financial Literacy

Campus-Wide Financial Literacy

Many students graduate university with no real understanding about the risks of taking on too much debt, or how to align their career goals with their financial obligations. Why not launch a campus-wide challenge so that every student starts their career with all the skills they need to succeed?

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Employee Education

Employee Education

From front-end staff who deal with money every day, to interns who are still learning the ropes… you can provide financial literacy contests where your employees compete against each other as they gain important life skills. With live rankings, transaction histories, and progress reports, so you can track their progress and time spent on site.

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Employee Recruitment

Employee Recruitment

Use our platforms to find the best and most qualified talent at your local or regional universities. We can help you host your own trading challenge and recruit the brightest students.

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Support local schools, non-profits or underprivileged groups get access to vital life skills. Our team can provide best practices from our 30+ of experience serving academic and corporate clients. We’ll hold your hand every step of the way, so you can help spread financial literacy where it’s needed the most!

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Gamification Works! Stock-Trak financial literacy games makes learning fun. The platform is amazing, and it works.

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White Label Financial Literacy Platform Features

For more info on the platform itself, visit our Budgeting and Money Game page.

  • Match Your Look and Feel – with your logo, colors, social media feeds, and dedicated ad units across the platform.
  • Stock Game or Budget Game, or Both – create dedicated contests that use one or both of our interactive financial simulations.
  • Fully Customizable Budgeting Game – choose the hourly wage, rent, food costs etc. to match your demographic or region.
  • Pick Your Lessons – choose from our learning library of 300+ lessons to supplement the real-world investing experience.
  • Or Add Your Lessons – you can include your own financial literacy content, with self-grading pop quizzes and custom completion certificates.
  • Choose Your Registration Fields – specify the psychographic and demographic data we collect during the registration process.
  • Customize the Trading Rules – choose the starting cash, trading and registration dates, interest rates, and diversification settings… to match your objectives.
  • Live Rankings – keep your participants coming back to see who’s at the top of the charts.
  • Full Admin Access – monitor your participants’ on-site activity with your own admin account.
  • Full Reporting – export registration information, trade records, rankings, etc.
  • Pop Quizzes – built-in assignments and pop quizzes to track how well participants are understanding core concepts.
  • Dedicated Account Manager – to streamline onboarding and providing on-going support and best practices.
  • Customer Support –with tutorial videos, FAQs, email, and live chat support available.
  • Downloadable Reports – your participants can download their own account statements for further analysis.
  • Assessments – easily track activities and performance per participant.

A Provider You Can Trust

With over 30 years experience, our expert team can help you launch your financial literacy platform and help make it a success. Over the years, we’ve worked with universities, banks, brokerages, stock exchanges, financial advisers, newspapers, educational non-profits, and other financial service firms to launch highly engaging and realistic financial simulations.
With the ability to customize the content to match your needs and time frame, the options are unlimited.


Who are we?

  • Stock-Trak is the leading provider of educational white label virtual trading and financial literacy programs for everything from customer acquisition and monetization to employee education to providing community outreach resources.
  • Our stock market simulations and financial literacy platforms are used by over 1,000,000 users per year.
  • We have over 100 corporate clients.
  • Users can trade stocks, options, futures, bonds, mutual funds, future options and forex.
  • Our platform can also accommodate your specific content, lessons, and quizzes.

How it works?

With our turnkey solution, we can build a corporate branded virtual trading or financial literacy site in weeks.

Your users or employees then proceed thru a personal budgeting game, manage a virtual stock portfolio and complete various lessons and quizzes along the way.

Learn more

Learn how easy it for your company to have its own white label trading or financial literacy program.

See how you can customize the event for your company by choosing everything from the dates, the curriculum, the quizzes, the initial cash balance, currency, global stock exchanges, commission structure, diversification rules, etc.

Find answers to other common questions and learn everything
you need to know so you can use Stock-Trak like a pro.

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Business Accounts and Site License Pricing

Find out about product pricing on our corporate financial literacy products,
our virtual trading applications, our customizable budget game and curriculum.