New Feature – Trade Notes

It is essential that students are able to justify every trade placed while using StockTrak – most professors already require students to write summaries of their trading activities, usually as a final report or presentation of their portfolio.

The only downside is that these summaries are always written with 20/20 hindsight – it is hard to tell what the rationale for each trade was at the time the order is placed. To bridge this gap, StockTrak has launched our new Trade Notes feature.
Trade Note Input

Learn From Every Trade

Every time a student places a trade on StockTrak, they are now asked if they want to add a short “Trade Note”, a sentence or two providing justification for why they think each order is a good move for their portfolio.

Students then can review their Trade Notes at any time – either through their transaction history, order history, or just listing all of their Trade Notes in one place. As with all portfolio data on StockTrak, students can export their full record of Trade Notes as a spreadsheet for later use.

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Crucially, students cannot edit or delete their trade notes, so when they write their final reports or review their portfolio performance, they will need to frame each trade in the specific context that they placed it – not using the wisdom of hindsight. While students cannot edit or delete notes, they can add more notes to the same trade (each note has its own timestamp for a record of when each note is added).

More Professor Control

Trading Notes have been added to StockTrak after many professors asked about such a feature, so we also packed in plenty of ways for the Trade Notes to be used in your classes. 

First, you can choose whether you want Trade Notes to be optional or required – if you set them as Required when creating your class, your students will not be able to place their order without providing some explanation as to why they are making the trade.

Next, the Trade Notes are fully integrated into the Professor Reports. This means you can see the Trade Notes each student has placed for each trade, or download all of your class’s Trade Notes as a single spreadsheet.

trade notes modal

If you have any questions about using Trade Notes, or have a new feature suggestion you would love to see, use the Live Chat button at the bottom of this page to get in touch with our support team.

Happy Trading!

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