StockTrak New Features For Fall 2016

Everything you ever wanted to teach your next investments or finance classes

StockTrak Set To Launch A Completely Redesigned Trading Platform

The StockTrak Team has been working very hard to offer you the best stock market simulation and virtual trading application.

We are proud to officially announce the release of our newly redesigned trading platform at the end of this summer.

If you would like to attend a webinar detailing the new enhancements…

The New Platform Has A Completely Redesigned Look And Feel


Dozens Of New Features


Class Quick-Create

If you have used StockTrak in a previous class, you can duplicate your previous settings with new dates to set up your class instantly!

The New Professor Dashboard also gives a countdown for your class, easier switching between classes, faster message posting, and much more.

professor dashboard


Newer, Cleaner Design

The site has been rebuilt with a fresh, modern look, with more charts and tools at you and your students’ fingertips.

Color-coded open position charts are back and better than ever!

open positions charts


Brand-New Trading Pits

Students now get live order previews, along with daily performance charts and company logos with every quote.

All trading pages have been redesigned for lightning-fast order execution with critical real-time trading.



More And Better Research Tools

The Research Center has been rebuilt from the ground up to make it faster and easier to do all investment research in one place.

Detailed quotes, news for every symbol, option chains, stocks by sector, and expert analysis are just a few of the information-packed views available for all StockTrak users!

analyst rating

StockTrak – The World’s Leading Portfolio Simulation – Just Got Better

Refinancing Student Loans For Better Interest Rates

Student Loan

STOCK-TRAK’S Get Rich Slowly Tip:

Refinance Your Student Loan and Start Saving Your Cash!

A penny saved is a penny earned

If you want to get become wealthy, most successful people will agree it is easier to get rich slowly than to get rich quickly.  When most recent college graduates think about improving their personal wealth they tend to focus on making a higher salary and/or earning bonuses and commissions.  Sure that all helps, but for many people it is easier to reduce expenses than to get a pay raise.

One way to get rich slowly is to manage the interest rates on your loans.  People refinance the mortgages on their houses, but did you know you can also refinance your student loans?

Student LoanIf you have a student loan of at least $5,000 and are currently employed earning more than $24,000 a year, then you should take 5 minutes and see if you qualify to reduce the interest rate on your student loan.

The average student loan in in 2016 is $37,172.  If you had this amount of debt and could reduce your interest rate by 25 you would save $743 or $62 a month! Students with $100,000 can save $2000 a year or $167 a month.

If you have a student loan and a job, then this is a no brainer!


10 Ways To Improve Your Stock Portfolio


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