Coming Soon – StockTrak 6

StockTrak has been a leader in online portfolio simulations for over 30 years, and we are excited to announce a whole new revision to our platform coming this Fall!

The StockTrak 6 project is a complete re-imagining of our user interface with key goals in mind based on the feedback we have received from tens of thousands of students and professors. Key improvements that you can expect to see implemented over the course of Fall 2021 include:

  • A new beta program. Instead of rolling out each update to all users at once, students will have the option to preview the new versions and report to our product development team about any issues they encounter to ensure a completely smooth and pain-free transition.
  • Phased Implementation. The update will be approached page-by-page, instead of an “all at once” revision. This will give our team more time to collect feedback from students and professors previewing each page through our beta releases.
  • Mobile First. The current version of StockTrak has a slimmed-down mobile site so students can check their portfolio and trade from anywhere. However, our next version is making mobile a key design priority, so students will have access to all resources both from their laptops and mobile devices.

This is just a small introduction of the full suite of new features and enhancements that will be part of our StockTrak 6 update – stay tuned for more!

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