Stock-Trak Acquires Personal Budgeting Simulation

CashCrunch 101 Expands Company’s Educational Personal Finance Simulations

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(Montreal, Quebec) May 8, 2019 – Stock-Trak Inc., the leading provider of virtual stock market trading applications for the education and consumer markets, has recently acquired a personal budgeting simulation (CashCrunch 101) from Fortune and Venture, LLC.

“The addition of a customizable personal budgeting simulation is a perfect complement to our customizable stock simulation and personal finance curriculum.  Beginning this Fall, both our and our sites will have this budgeting simulation, allowing our K12 and university students to have a broader, financial educational experience” says Mark T. Brookshire, Founder and CEO of Stock-Trak Inc.

The personal budgeting simulation shows students how to create a monthly budget of income and expense items.  Unlike other simple budgeting simulations based on relatively fixed settings over the duration of the class, the Cash Crunch 101 simulation has the ability to include much more variation in monthly income and expenses – making it a far more realistic exercise for recent graduates and college students for when they need these skills the most.  Students manage the day to day activities of paying bills, deciding whether to pay cash or charge items, making decisions on payment plans and insurance, managing their credit card balance and credit score, and many more financial literacy topics.

“As more states are requiring students to have a Personal Finance Class, our sites are becoming perfectly aligned with the needs of educators.  No other educational company provides a single website that offers a customizable budgeting simulation, a customizable stock market simulation, and customizable integrated lessons covering Personal Finance, Business and Economics,” says Mr. Brookshire.

The website is the #1 portfolio simulation for university finance classes and trading rooms. is used by over 1,100 professors each year and their 70,000+ students. allows professors to customize a trading period for their class by selecting trading dates, initial cash balance, commission structure, position limits, and other trading parameters.

Stock-Trak’s high school sites ( and are used by over 20,000 teachers and their 500,000 students each year. is similar to but includes over a library of over 300 integrated Personal Finance, Business and Economics lessons aligned to national standards for high school students.

About Stock-Trak Inc.

Stock-Trak offers a variety of virtual trading applications for both the academic and corporate markets.  Our family of virtual trading and stock market education sites (,,,,, and helps over 750,000 students and adults each year learn how the stock market works and become more confident in their investing decisions.  Our robust virtual trading platform can also be customized to meet the needs of banks, brokerages, media companies, and other financial websites to enable them to offer their clients a virtual stock trading experience.  Founded in 1990, our virtual trading platforms and websites have helped over 8,000,000 individuals learn about the markets and practice their trading skills.


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