Our Financial Literacy Curriculum

Financial Curriculum for Students

Over 300 Lessons Aligned to Standards

Covering Personal Finance, Investing, Economics, Business, Accounting, Entrepreneurship topics.

Customizable by Instructors for their Class

Each instructor selects which group of lessons appear for their students.

Seamlessly Embedded in each Application with Assessments

Each lesson includes a “pop quiz” and students earn badges as they complete topics.

300+ lessons
Aligned to National & State Standards
Subjects include Personal Finance, Economics, Business, Math & Investing
Built-in Assessments

Our Financial Literacy Curriculum Library Features

Standards Aligned

Our curriculum aligns to a variety of National and State Standards. This includes JumpStart, Council for Economic Education, and CTE Standards.

Subjects Covered

Our curriculum library includes over 50 Personal Finance lessons, over 50 Economics lessons, over 50 Introduction to Business lessons, and over 100 Investments lessons.

Online or In Classroom

Our budget game can be used as supplement to other classroom materials, or it can be used as as self-paced exercise. Depending on the lessons selected, it can be as deep and thorough as needed.

Reporting and Assessments

A wide variety of reports and assessments provide the admin with complete visibility into each user’s progress through the game and his/her understanding of the pre-selected curriculum.

Our curriculum is aligned to National and State Standards;
or add your own curriculum.

More about our Financial Literacy & Investing Curriculum

Our curriculum library has over 300 lessons aligned to state and national standards for Personal Finance, Economics, Business, Finance, and Accounting classes. Teachers can mix and match articles, videos, interactive widgets, and other activities. Each lesson takes 10 minutes or less to complete, with each ending with a “Pop Quiz” to ensure students comprehension. Teachers typically assign between 5 and 10 lessons per week, which students complete while also engaging with the stock and budgeting games. Since the curriculum is entirely web-based, it also works great as homework!

See a Sample Lesson Plan

Our customizable lesson plan library shows how to integrate our lessons and activities with your classes. We designed our lesson plans to be flexible enough to be used on their own or combined with any of your favorite lessons you already use in class.

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See a Sample Lesson

What is a Stock?
This short lesson introduces students to the concept of a “stock”. We combine text, infographics, and videos, and wrap up with a pop quiz to measure comprehension.

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How We Align to Standards

Our curriculum aligns to state and national standards for Personal Finance, Economics, Accounting, Management, and Career Development classes.

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Presentation Library

We also took our most popular lessons and turned them into Google Slides and PowerPoint presentations to save you time! Download whichever you like and use them out-of-the-box or as a starting point for your own lessons!

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Instructors create their own assignments by pulling from our vast curriculum library.

Kevin Smith, Stock-Trak Project Manager

Recommended Use Cases


Ideal for Personal Finance classes but also used in Campus-wide Financial Literacy Initiatives for all students.

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K-12 Schools

Personal Finance, Business & Economics classes; but also used by Finance Academies and CTE programs nationwide.

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We white label our budgeting game for other educational organizations and for corporate employee education programs.

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The general public is welcome to use and learn by joining one of our monthly contests.

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Supercharged with Customizable Curriculum

Personal Finance




Complete Curriculum

Standards Alignment

Completely Gamified with Badges and Achievements!

PersonalFinanceLab’s budget game, stock game, and curriculum library has tons of achievements, badges,
and rewards in store for students as they progress!

Students earn badges as they complete objectives and core learning concepts, and level up their badges
as they improve concept mastery! Badges are available even beyond your core class requirements,
encouraging students to explore and go “above and beyond”!

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Student Accounts, School Site Licenses and Corporate Pricing

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