Cash Spots Trading

At StockTrak, we have supported currency and commodity trading for years for a complete derivatives simulation. This Fall, we are excited to announce the addition of Cash Spots as a new security type, available for all classes!

What Are Cash Spots?

StockTrak previously supported both Futures and Forex trading, giving leveraged options for trading currencies and commodities at real-time prices. However, these leveraged instruments may be overkill for many classes that focus on un-leveraged investing.

The new Cash Spots bridges this gap, giving students the ability to “buy an ounce of gold” or “short a barrel of oil”, unleveraged, in their portfolio. We use a simplified trading pit for cash spots, with a basic drop-down menu showing the available currencies and commodities:


Futures and forex continue to be available as their own security types, giving professors more investment options than ever for their class! Cash Spots will be available for classes starting August 31.

If you have not done so already, click here to set up your class for this semester.

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