New Student Dashboard

This Summer, the StockTrak team has put a premium on ease-of-use and clarity for students with our major updates to the user interface. The star of our new look is the new Student Dashboard, which brings everything your students need to see in one place.

  • We brought the student’s progress on your class Assignments front and center, so students are immediately greeted with what they need to focus on first.
  • If your class is utilizing our Budgeting Game, their current game progress comes up next, with calls to get back into the game.
  • This is followed up with your student’s current open positions and portfolio snapshot. If your class is not utilizing the budget game or assignments, this will appear right on top.
  • The right side of the page is packed with important communications for your student. This includes your school’s logo (if you have uploaded one), important system messages that may impact their portfolio, your own message that you can post from your Administration Dashboard, and your class’s discussion forum.

This new Dashboard is just the first step in a comprehensive overhaul to StockTrak’s user interface – with more details coming soon!

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