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Stock-Trak: The Internet’s Most Trusted Virtual Stock Market Simulator & Stock Market Game

Stock-Trak is the Internet’s most comprehensive virtual stock exchange simulator and stock market game available. We are the only stock market investing simulator that allows its users to practice online stock trading within all of the major securities. Browse our site for information on stock investing research, fantasy stock market trading, and the latest in stock investing tips.

Mark T. Brookshire launched Stock-Trak in 1990 as the first virtual stock market trading tool for college students taking business and finance classes. Stock-Trak quickly became the most popular education financial simulation site for college business students, and the company continued to launch other financial educational websites for the K12 market, the general public and the corporate market. With the addition of curriculum, assignments and a personal budgeting game, the company’s products are more popular than ever. In 2020, Stock-Trak’s various sites had nearly 1,000,000 users.

Mark T. Brookshire
Founder and CEO
of Stock-Trak, Inc.

Mark T. Brookshire is the creator and founder of Stock-Trak, the leading provider of financial education games and simulations.

As an innovator, Mr. Brookshire led the continuous development of the original Stock-Trak site from its initial offerings of just U.S. stock and mutual funds. Stock-Trak now features simulated trading of options, futures, bonds and equities from 50+ exchanges around the world. Part of Stock-Trak’s growth has been through a handful of acquisitions, and Mark has managed those negotiations and integrations.

Prior to founding Stock-Trak, Inc., Mr. Brookshire was a consultant at Deloitte & Touche in its Emerging Business Services group. Mr. Brookshire has a Master’s Degree in Management from Georgia Tech and also passed the CPA exam.

Andrew Zeidel
COO of Stock-Trak, Inc.

Andrew Zeidel has a background in the areas of operations management, customer care, project management and logistics. Andrew has successfully guided the operations for several technology companies during rapid growth periods, including TotalNet, a start-up business which quickly became one of Canada’s top three Internet Service Providers.

From 1998-2002 Andrew was Vice-President of Customer Care at BCE Emergis, a leading Canadian e-commerce company, where he managed a team of 150 people and supported over 30 B2B services. Prior to joining Stock-Trak, Andrew was VP Operations and later became COO at Airborne Entertainment, a company which pioneered in the North American mobile industry, growing in annual sales from $2 million to $35 million within a 3 year period.

Thomas Reti
Director Global Business Development & Education at Stock-Trak, Inc.

Thomas is a financial educational specialist with 18 years of service at StockTrak. Thomas provides financial institutions, business schools, family patrimony, RIAS advisory services institutions with guidance, best practices for investments, portfolio management, derivatives, retail investor, employee and general public education.

Thomas currently serves over 100 instantly recognizable multinational firms including TV broadcast media networks, insurance, banking, generational wealth management and institutional corporate clients who seek guidance for employee financial education human resources training and for client acquisition and retention needs.

Kevin Smith
Director of Product Development

Kevin works as the bridge between Stock-Trak’s development and product teams to keep our games and simulations at the cutting edge of financial education.

In addition to his work on the technical aspects of Stock-Trak, Kevin has also worked with non-profit organizations to develop our libraries of financial literacy lessons and activities, and program logic models of the best possible ways to implement personal finance education in both an organized classroom setting and open resources for students seeking to learn independently.

Prior to working with Stock-Trak, Kevin worked in building training materials for mortgage loan origination, insurance licensing, and worked with families in low-income households on understanding credit reports and loan qualifications. He also led research projects that developed new insight into how students chose what to study in post-secondary education to build their careers (balancing future income, their own talents, and “dream jobs”) after graduating high school.

Kevin has a master’s degree in Economics from Concordia University in Montreal, and both an MBA and master’s degree of Public Policy and Administration from the Stuart School of Business in Chicago.

Ali Salahi
Senior Account Manager

Ali has been working with StockTrak for over 3 years. He has extensive trading experience, and his specialties are options and futures. Prior to working at Stock-Trak, Inc, he was a stockbroker with Etrade Canada. He loves helping professors dealing with advanced finance classes like derivatives and options, where he enjoys creating a tailored class according to their needs. “The trend is your friend.”

Conor Nicholson
Sales Development Representative

Conor is a vital member of StockTrak’s sales and business development team, where he leads the Personal Finance Service Level division.

He finds great joy in sharing his expertise and enthusiasm for financial literacy and the financial markets, fostering meaningful connections with university professors and corporate clients alike.

In addition to his role at StockTrak, Conor is a dedicated swing trader specializing in growth and momentum stocks. With five years of market experience under his belt, he lives & breathes the stock market.

Alyssa Adkins
PersonalFinanceLab Account Manager

Hi! From Oklahoma, my name is Alyssa and I am a former High School Business and Computer Applications Teacher.

I’ve taught Personal Finance, Accounting, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Business Computer Applications I & II and more! I’m also an Entrepreneur with over 12 years experience in B2B Marketing. I love connecting with Teachers and strategizing how they can incorporate Personal Finance Lab into the classroom and curriculum!

Heloise Frison
PersonalFinanceLab Account Manager

I’m Heloise, I’m an Account Manager and I help teachers get set up on PersonalFinanceLab and make the most out of our resources. I accompany teachers from onboarding, guide them and help them discover our platform and answer their questions throughout the year. Contact me if you’d like to find out more about what we do!

Eric Poff
PersonalFinanceLab Account Manager

Eric Poff is an account manager at PersonalFinanceLab. Eric’s career started in the hospitality industry, where he cultivated his “service with a smile” attitude and developed his desire to engage with his clients. His territory spans much of the southern half of the United States, so he relishes in the opportunity to speak with people from coast to coast. As a father of three little humans himself, and wanting to prepare them for a successful future, he recognizes the need for quality education tools, and loves working with teachers to help provide our platform to their students. While he has since moved from the hospitality industry, he remains dedicated to providing fantastic customer service with a personal touch.

Patrick Arsenault

Allô! From New Brunswick, Canada. My name is Patrick. I write and maintain the Tomes of Stock-Trak Knowledge and Lore. My unique take on solving your problems ‘the fun way’ comes from years of accrued experience in Hospitality, Enterprise IT and Educational Software. I like bad jokes, gamified learning, and occasionally playing Zelda a bit quick on Twitch.

Wealth Wizard
Fast AI Virtual Assistant

Since joining the team, the Wealth Wizard offers thought-provoking questions that encourage students to dive deeper into the world of finance.

His favorite quote is “Knowledge is power, but only if you use it wisely.”

Stock-Trak® has been the leading provider
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