Custom Time Zones Now Available

StockTrak is based on the East Coast, which means our servers operate in New York Time. This conveniently syncs up with trading on American equities exchanges, but not very well for European and Asian exchanges. We also have received some feedback from the (vast majority) of students who do not happen to be in Eastern Time – timestamps can get confusing.

To help make report-building easier for students (and class end dates more clear for European and Australian schools), our newest update introduces Time Zones – letting each professor choose the time zone for their class. This impacts not just the time stamps on the transaction histories and order confirmations, but the registration, trading, and assignment start dates and end dates. This is gearing up for more time-dependent settings coming this Spring (like setting specific hour and minute due times for your class assignments) – professors can set the time zones for their class at the first step of the class creation process.

To take advantage of the new Time Zones, click here to set up your class!


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