Advanced Assignment Tracking

StockTrak’s Assignments engine have become a key tool utilized by professors around the world to assign reading, video, and interactive lessons while students are engaged with our portfolio simulation and budgeting game. This Fall, we are releasing a major update to how student activities are logged to give more insight than ever to your class activities.

Time Tracking

The first key improvement is time tracking. With this next update, you as the professor will have the estimated time of completion for each lesson that you assign your students to have a clear picture on the assignment load each student will need to complete. We also are adding time tracking to each lesson, so you can see how much time each student in your class takes to finish each lesson and its accompanying assessment.

Grade Tracking

The previous generation of our Assignments engine would track the score students received on each assessment, but not their answers to each individual question. This next update will give you question-level insights for each student. If you allow students to re-take the assessments associated with each lesson, you can see their answers from each attempt.

Class Summary Statistics

This update also adds new class summary reporting, so you can see how long the average student in your class takes to complete each lesson, along with summary statistics on which individual questions in our assessments are frequently missed.

These tracking and reporting improvements make our Assignments engine more robust than ever, with more improvements planned throughout the semester.

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