StockTrak Major Update – Beta Is Open!

StockTrak’s new version is available for students now!

The StockTrak virtual trading platform has been the gold standard for academic portfolio simulations for over 3 decades – and it just got better.

The newest version of StockTrak will be released over the summer of 2022, but students can have early access now to preview the new features and provide their feedback to the StockTrak team.

What’s New In The New Version?

Besides miscellaneous performance improvements, the newest version includes:

  • Mobile Optimized. The previous version of StockTrak had a limited “mobile version”, separate from our desktop version. The new release merges both into a single responsive layout.
  • Trading Pit Redesigns. The trading pits for each security type have been updated with more user-friendly layouts more in line with the latest real-world brokerages, including more intuitive controls for mobile.
  • Forced Trades. Professors will be able to implement trades on their class’s portfolios, ignoring regular trading restrictions (this is particularly helpful for professors who use pre-populated portfolios).
  • Messaging Center. Our new messaging center gives students alerts about splits, dividends, and executing limit orders, plus the ability for professors to post announcements for their students (coming in April 2022).
  • Option Spreads Enhancements. Our previous option spreads system allowed a set number of 2-legged spreads. The new version of StockTrak allows the full range of multi-legged option spreads, with margin calculations consistent regardless of the orders are placed together as a “spread” or as individual trades (coming May 2022).
  • Mobile App. In addition to our new mobile-optimized web interface, we are also releasing a stand-alone app for both Apple and Android devices.

How Can I Try It?

To access the new version, log into your StockTrak account, go to “Edit Profile” under “Dashboard” on your main menu, and toggle on “Opt-In To Beta”. StockTrak will switch to the new version within 15-60 minutes for your account. You can switch back to the old version from the same place.

After opting in, we would love to have your feedback! Fill out the form below with any comments, concerns, or issues we need to address in the form below:

We are looking forward to your feedback ahead of the full launch this Summer!

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