Free Wiley Certification Course For Top Students

Wiley Efficient

Thanks to a new partnership with Wiley Efficient Learning™, the top-performing student in all US and Canadian classes using this Spring with 20 or more students will receive a free CFA, CFP, SIE, Series 7, or CPA Wiley Review Course of their choosing – a value of $130 to $1,600, depending on the course chosen.
All available courses are also featured in our new Certifications Center for students to learn more about the doors they open for their careers. All US and Canadian StockTrak students also get 25% off every course, even if they are not a top finisher in your class.
It is up to the professor to choose the metric for “Top Student” – it can be based on portfolio value, their grade in your class – its up to you! Just fill out the form below to give us your name and the contact details of your student so we can send them their course details.

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