Forex Trading

Full Forex trading has come to StockTrak!

Long-time professors may already be familiar with our Spots trading pit – we have allowed students to trade currency and commodity spot contracts using a simplified trading interface, similar to a stock trade. However, with our most recent update, we have introduced our brand-new Spots trading pit, giving students tick-by-tick charts and streaming quotes for over a dozen currency pairs:

Classes that already allow students to trade Spot contracts will give access to the new Forex trading pit automatically. If you want to add Forex trading to an existing class, or include it in your next class, make sure to allow Spots trading in your class rules:

Students can switch between our old Spots trading pit and the new Forex trading pit at any time – simply click the “Forex” button on the Spots trading pit:

If you have any questions about Forex trading, or want to make sure it is included in your class, contact our sales team for details.

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