New Trading Reports

StockTrak’s reporting features may be the most useful corner of the site for professors and tournament administrators, which is why we are excited to announce our new set of “Fun Fact” reports for every class!

Our Fun Facts reports will have useful summaries of the trading data for your class, both as a quick look into the entire class’s trading habits as well as a great launching point for class discussions. The new reports include:

Top Traded Securities

This report will give you a list of the most commonly traded securities in your class. Professors will be able to sort the report by order type (most commonly bought vs shorted, sold, or covered) during any time horizon. It will also include the ability to view the trading habits by total trades, or by the number of students in each class that has traded each particular security.

Ranking Report Update

StockTrak’s Rankings report has consistently been one of the most useful for classes, where professors can see the delayed rankings, along with the portfolios of all participants. Our next update will further enhance the rankings report by adding multiple new “views”:

  • Overall rankings will use the real-time portfolio values of your class, instead of the current “end of the previous trading day” values, to more accurately reflect current performance
  • New “Weekly” rankings view will sort your class by their portfolio returns for the current week, an excellent starting point for class discussions
  • New separated “Sharpe Ratio” and “Alpha/Beta” views will sort your class by these risk-adjusted metrics. Both of these views are already part of the default student rankings page, but their addition to your admin reports makes it faster and easier than ever to get a complete look at your class, all in one place.

We have more reports coming over the course of the Fall too! If you have not done so already, click here to register your Fall class!

If your class could benefit from a new type of report that StockTrak does not already include, let us know with the form below.

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