What’s New on StockTrak – Fall 2023

The Fall semester is almost here, and we couldn’t be more excited! We have a ton of new features ready for the Fall 2023 – Spring 2024 school year: here is a quick run-down of what you can expect for your classes.

StockTrak Version 6.0

Our latest major revision to our core trading platform is complete! Most of our trading pages were completed for the Fall semester, but the full platform has finished the upgrade, including tournament creation, admin reports, and more.

This brings the latest and greatest web design to StockTrak, including more dynamic symbol lookups/reports, more flexible layouts for wider or smaller screens, improved dashboards for both students and users, and an improved launching pad for new additions going forward.

Crypto Trading Pit

We launched our initial cryptocurrency trading support several years ago, but until now trading itself has been combined with Equities. For the Fall semester, cryptocurrencies are treated as a completely distinct security type, which means professors can set separate diversification rules, commission structures, and trading restrictions on crypto only, without impacting equities.

This also means that crypto has its own distinct trading pit – distinguishing it further from our standard equities trading.

Unified Mobile/Desktop Experience

For the last several years, the StockTrak.com mobile website featured a limited version of our portfolio simulation. Along with our “StockTrak 6.0 Update”, we unified the desktop and mobile experiences, giving students full access to all of our platform features (including the all-important research tools) regardless of their mobile device.

We also continue to maintain a separate downloadable mobile app as well!

Option Spreads Update

Our new Option Spreads trading pit is now complete and live for all classes that trade options! Our new and improved Spreads pit is optimized for learning – users choose the spread type they wish to place (from a list of over 20 different spreads), which loads both a description of the spread itself and a chart showing the theoretical profit profile, so users know what they are getting themselves into.

Then users choose the details of each leg (to match the spread type they selected), and place their order. This greatly expands the spread types supported by our system and helps users understand the nuts-and-bolts of the strategies they are building.


Teams is a feature we released some time ago for schools with a site license, but this Fall we are making it available for all classes. With Teams, you can group your students into “Teams” for a shared portfolio. Each student still has their own login and individual portfolio, but students grouped together in a Team allows their individual portfolios to be aggregated together for a shared strategy.

Team Rankings are also available, based on the team portfolio percentage return (so the rankings are not skewed if you have different numbers of students in each team).

Budgeting Game

For classes using our Budgeting Game in their Personal Finance classes, we also are releasing a host of budget game-specific updates. These improvements will be detailed in a separate blog post.

And more coming soon!

Every enhancement we make to StockTrak comes from feedback from professors and students who use our cutting-edge portfolio simulation in their classes. If there is something that would make a big difference for your class, let us know at sales@stocktrak.com as we plan for the next semester!

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