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Reach 700,000 individuals that want to learn about investing in the stock market!

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That’s 700,000 individuals each year that want to learn how to save and invest; that generate 125 million page views on 13 million visits; and that are interested in your product!

The Stock-Trak Family of websites represent an excellent way to reach individuals that want to learn how to invest.


Founded in 1990, Stock-Trak is the market leader in providing realistic, educational, and engaging stock market simulations. Our virtual trading application is at the heart of each of our websites, but each site draws a unique niche of individuals wanting to learn more about savings, investing, building a portfolio, and trading stocks/options/futures/forex.

We offer a variety of promotional campaigns for you to build brand awareness, promote your product, and acquire customers:

  • Monthly Contest Sponsor: Many of our sites offer a monthly contest for prizes to the top portfolios. You can sponsor a monthly contest such as “Register now for next month’s [your company name] Stock Challenge on Wall Street Survivor and Compete for $5,000 in Cash Prizes!” When you sponsor a monthly contest, we can send out 400k emails, provide 1 million page impressions of you name/logo/ad unit, share emails of users, and pay out the prizes. This is the best way to promote your brand and capture leads.
  • Co-registration: We can put your message on our registration path and encourage users to agree to accept your offer.
    In the last 12 months we had over 700k registrations.
  • Email Messaging: We can include your promotion in our semi-weekly email to our users or send out dedicated emails. We offer CPM and CPC campaigns.
  • White Label Solution: We also offer a fully customized solution where we integrate our virtual trading application into a website designed with your company’s look and feel. That way you can add a turn-key, virtual trading application to your site and offer your users the opportunity to manage a virtual portfolio on your site.
  • Sponsored Content: Both our and websites accept sponsored articles and blog posts. A sponsored post will be featured on our or home page for a minimum of 1 week, and will be added to our content library for a minimum of 12 months. Links are “do-follow”, and sponsored posts are marked with a “Guest Post” tag. We charge $200 per article on our HowTheMarketWorks website, $175 per article on our Wall Street Survivor website, or $150 for two articles on either site. All articles must be approved by us.

Stock-Family of Sites Metrics:

  • 125 million page views annually
  • 12 million visits annually
  • 700,000 registered users per year


  • 200,000 university students register
  • 300,000 high school students register
  • 200,000 adults register Metrics:

  • 5 million page views per month
  • 15,000 unique visitors per day


  • 30,000+ university students per semester
  • 75% undergraduate students
  • 30% say that expect to open a real brokerage account in the next 12 months
  • 70% male
  • New student base each semester
  • Majority of finance and business students
  • Future high-wage earners Metrics:

  • 2 million monthly page views
  • 15,000 registrations per month Metrics:

  • 8 million monthly page views
  • 50,000 registrations per peak month

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