TraderEx Is Now Available For All StockTrak Users!

StockTrak is the world’s leading portfolio simulation, but what if you could also include a trading simulation with your class?

With TraderEx, you can! 

traderex-logoWhat is TraderEx?

TraderEx is a way to simulate working as a Wall Street trader throughout a single trading day. The portfolio manager (professor) gives instructions to the traders (students) which they need to complete throughout the trading day, such as “Buy 300 shares of Apple” or “Sell 200 shares of Intel”. Some students may be tasked to “break even”, and simply try to buy and sell throughout the day to earn the maximum profit.

The students then buy and sell these securities in a simulated market, trying to maximize their sell price or minimize their buy price. 

There is both an individual version (where students work individually against computer-generated traders) and a networked version (students compete against each other, in addition to computer-generated traders controlled by the professor). The individual version is now available free through StockTrak.

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