StockTrak Now Available Through Bookstore Vendors – RedShelf and VitalSource!

As more schools work to consolidate the student research procurement process within the university bookstore, StockTrak is proud to announce that our portfolio simulation is now available through two new distribution partners: RedShelf and VitalSource.

StockTrak is now available for digital access through most university bookstores. Thanks to our new integration into VitalSource and Redshelf, all of StockTrak’s service levels are available through almost all university bookstores in North America and many others around the world. If your bookstore is managed by VitalSource, Redshelf, Barnes and Noble, or Follett, StockTrak is now available. Contact your bookstore manager to order StockTrak for this summer and fall classes.

Schools who utilize these platforms can now have students purchase their StockTrak license through the school’s unified bookstore.

How To Use StockTrak through RedShelf or VitalSource

Before your students can purchase their StockTrak license, professors must create a class. If you do not already have your free professor account, please click here to register.

Once you log in, create your class with your preferred settings. You can find our Class Creation help by clicking here, or click here to schedule a meeting with one of our Account Managers to walk through the process and all relevant settings for your class.

For the purposes of connecting to RedShelf or VitalSource, the important difference is your choice of textbook. Stock-Trak offers coupon codes in many leading printed textbooks (and your selection impacts which coupon codes are available for your class), and so if you are working through a digital bookstore, please choose the “Bookstore” option towards the bottom of the list that corresponds to the service level of your class (length and number of trades).

Bookstore Selection

Once selected, specify that your class is for “Student” payment, and choose all of your other preferred settings.

Finally, from your RedShelf or VitalSource professor portal, add “StockTrak Portfolio Simulation” as a resource for your class, with the same service level chosen when creating your class on

Student Registration

Once your class is set up on and StockTrak has been added as a class resource in your digital bookstore, students can purchase it through your school’s online portal.

When students purchase their StockTrak account through the digital bookstore, it will give them a 10-digit “Coupon Code”. From here, share the Registration Link for your class that was sent to you by email (and can also be found on your Registration File report).

Students simply need to enter their 10-digit coupon code while creating their StockTrak student profile, and they will be added to your class.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team at!

-The StockTrak Team

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