StockTrak New Features Update – Spring 2021

There are many new enhancements this Spring that will improve how both professors and students use the platform.


General Improvements


1.New Dashboard

• “Assignments” front and center – students have clear expectations

• Financial literacy classes will also include a budget game snapshot

• Generally fewer tables and less clutter

2. Onboarding

• New “Tour” launches on key pages the first time students access.

• Walkthrough making the first trade, understanding the dashboard, etc

3. Live Chat

• Live Chat support now available for all professors and students (during market hours)

• Outside market hours, dropbox to our support team, with 1 business day turnaround


Trading and Research


1.Mutual Fund Research

• New mutual fund-specific research tools, including fund overviews, fund performance, and fund holdings – in addition to our previous tools (NAV, charts, historical prices, etc)

2.Custom Exchanges

• Restricted investing universe to a setlist of symbols• Common use-cases include: S&P500 only, sponsored events featuring local businesses, and student research-driven trading session

3.Commodity Spots

• Spots trading pit will soon support basic commodity spot contracts – Gold, Silver, Oil, Corn, Wheat, Soy

4.Risk-Adjusted Returns

• Sharpe Ratio – Improved Calculation, Independently set risk-free rate, Annualized for better consistency

• Jensen’s Alpha – Replaces previous Alpha/Beta rankings, Based on portfolio itself, not individual holdings

• Treynor Ratio


Administration Enhancements


1.Improved Data Exports

• Final transaction histories and open positions now available same-day class ends

• Some issues on very large classes – support can help

2.”Fun Facts” Report

• Full-Class Trading Summary – Most frequently traded/bought/sold/short/covered

• Summarize by total trades or total students trading


Financial Literacy


1. Budget Game

• Our new budget game is ideal for Personal Finance classes and university financial literacy initiatives

Students manage their budget for a simulated year, focusing on setting/hitting savings goals, managing cash flow, and building credit score through the responsible use of credit cards

2. Weekly Deposits

Alternative to “lump sum” trading sessions

Students start with less cash but have additional deposits to invest every week

Not compatible with risk-adjusted rankings

3. Certificates

Certificates available for students who complete specific sets of lessons in our Learning Center, along with building their portfolio and/or completing the Budget Game

• Investing101 – “Beginner’s Investing”

• Financial Literacy – “Personal Finance”

Ideal for “Hands-Off” sessions (department/campus challenges)

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