What is the initial cash balance for the students?

You have the flexibility to choose whatever size portfolio you want. We recommend an initial cash balance of $100,000 for undergraduates and $1,000,000 for graduate students.


When does the trading period begin?

The trading period begins and ends at your discretion. When you sign your class up for Stock-Trak, you will fill out a registration form that includes the start and end date of trading, as well as other relevant information. If you want to know what is the start/end date of your class, you can click Read More…


No, it is not necessary to liquidate the open positions. They are still factored into all relevant calculations at the end of the trading session.


Can my students trade after the class has ended?

Once your class ends, your students will not be able to place any additional trades into their class portfolio. However, all students also have the ability to add a separate “practice” portfolio, which will allow them to continue trading as long as they wish.


Most settings can be changed by going to Admin > Edit Class Variables. If the setting you wish to change isn’t listed there, you can call us at 514-871-2222 or email us at support@stocktrak.com with your request and we’ll be more than happy to fix it for you.


Yes, we can manually reactivate a recently ended class. However, the system was not designed for this, so reports will cease to track data after the original end date and we cannot guarantee that students’ portfolios will not be affected. If you see that your class’ end date is incorrect before it has finished, notify Read More…