StockTrak Launches College Personal Finance Simulation Featuring Budgeting and Investing

StockTrak has been a leading provider of global virtual financial simulations, with over 1500 professors using the platform in their class every semester!

With a Personal Budgeting Simulation and Curriculum.

It is perfect for personal finance professors as a core part of your curriculum.

Finance professors can include the Personal Budgeting Simulation as a major value added for their students – for the same cost as using just the virtual trading platform. 

Or students from across your college can have access as part of a Campus Wide Financial Literacy Challenge.


Where we’ve been

  • Over 80,000 students have used StockTrak to learn financial literacy and gain experience with the stock market before opening brokerage accounts or becoming professionals
  • We’ve helped over 10 million people feel more confident about investing, about financial skills.
  • 90% of students would recommend their professor to continue to use StockTrak in their classes, with 98% of students report feeling more confident in the financial markets.


We would love to show you how this could enhance your class. There are 3 ways that you could get in touch with us to learn more.

1. If you would like to talk to someone to get more information, please fill out this form.

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2. To see a demo of the Personal Budgeting Simulation, schedule a meeting with one of our senior sales agents here.

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3. Experience using the program as if you were a college student yourself. Register for free access to test it out!

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Personal Budgeting Game

Student are engaged to learn because the program uses real-world scenarios with consequences. They experience managing a monthly budget, savings goals and building an emergency savings fund.

They also build responsible habits with their credit scores, credit and debit cards, and learn how to build their wealth BEFORE using real money.

The Personal Budgeting Game uses real-life scenarios with consequences. Students learn valuable life skills by practicing how to build responsible spending habits and a good credit score. By balancing a debit and credit card they learn how to manage their monthly budget and put money aside to reach their savings goals. They earn points by building an emergency savings fund and having a good quality of life.

The inclusions in the personal budgeting game are as follows:

  • Online and Virtual Platform: set-up as a calendar that runs for 1 year
  • It’s Easy to use and adaptable for any learning environment
  • Flexible time commitment and it saves as you go
  • Additional pop-up lessons embedded into the platform teach key concepts
  • Downloadable account statements to do cashflow reports
  • Tutorial videos to explain new terms or how to play


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Virtual Trading Platform

The virtual trading platform allows students to research and trade stocks, bonds and mutual funds, and much more. With research tools, live data and up-to-date class rankings based on portfolio returns.

All settings in the stock market simulation are customizable. Choose from any of the following trading settings when you set-up your own professor account on StockTrak:

  • Over 40 portfolio currencies
  • 50+ exchanges from North and Latin America, Europe and Asia
  • Choose the available securities from equities, stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, options, futures, forex, future options and cash spots
  • Customize the available stocks by either blacklisting stocks, or selecting a short list that students can trade from

Your students will thank you for using StockTrak because they will get the chance to practice how to invest their money in a safe environment. Experiencing the impact of their decisions before using their real money.

Professor Accounts

If you’re happy with your experience, you can register for a free professor account and get access to fully customize your class settings and generate your own performance reports. Find out exactly how much time students are spending on the site, their game scores, transaction history and export all this data to excel or google sheets. Our reports make it simple to integrate our platform into your class.

  • Easy class set-up, with step by step instructions
  • Fully customizable platform
    • Select the exchanges, securities, trading setting, starting cash, diversification settings and more
  • Integrated assignments, (beginner investing, personal finance etc.)
  • Self-graded quizzes that accompany each assignment
  • Live support is available to assist you and your students directly

Pricing Details

To get StockTrak in your class, it costs $19.99 per student account. When setting up your class, there are other options depending on the length of your class and other settings. The most popular is the 18 week course option that includes up to 400 trades per student account. No matter which option you choose, you will have all the security options available, all our lessons, and professor reports. 

Click the link below for a detailed breakdown of our pricing, and to register for your free professor account!

 Professor Registration – StockTrak


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