Portfolio Management – Fundamental Analysis Project

The goal of this assignment is to apply the fundamental analysis tools that we have studied. We will use these tools to analyze a firm’s fundamentals and then come up with a trading strategy.First choose a publicly traded company that you would hypothetically want to analyze/track/invest in.Using a financial news website such as the following, […]

Portfolio Management – Technical Analysis Project

1. Using at least 3 technical analysis tools, identify one stock to either buy or short sell. You must print out whatever charting you finally use. I recommend: www.bigcharts.com or www.stockcharts.com2. Type a few coherent sentences explaining your choice of strategy and reasoning from these 3+ techniques (technical analysis).3. As soon as you have picked […]

Investments – Bond Analysis And Trading Project

• For this assignment, you will be analyzing a U.S. Treasury coupon bond and purchasing it on Stock-Trak.• Stock Trak trades only a very limited number of bonds. To trade bonds, you click on “Bonds” under “Trading” on the lower left of the screen. In the trading window, under “Symbol”, you will find a selection […]

Investments – Hedging With Futures

NOTE: You must complete the first part of this assignment at least 2 days before the last part of the assignment.First Part (at least 2 days before the last part):For this assignment, you are to hedge the market risk of a one-stock portfolio. The stock will be of your choosing. You will use E-mini S&P […]

Finance – Speculating With Options

NOTE: This assignment requires that the 1st part (steps 1-4) be performed and implemented during trading hours before the 2nd part (steps 5-6) can be performed.1. Pick a stock or an index to develop an option strategy. This requires making a prediction of whether that stock or index will go up, go down, stay neutral, […]