StockTrak Inc. launches new features and updates for Fall 2022

Stock-Trak, Inc., a leading provider of financial education resources to the K12 and college markets has announced the launch of StockTrak 6 – a completely updated version of After collecting extensive professor and student feedback, this redesign is to ensure faster load times, simpler navigation through the site, and an overall improved user experience.

StockTrak’s platform delivers a personal budgeting game, a stock market game, customizable curriculum and financial literacy certifications to help college students boost their personal finance skills and prepare for life after graduation.

StockTrak students learn important life skills like how to build a diversified stock portfolio, trade stocks, EFTs, options, futures, bonds, mutual funds, forex, cryptos, and more. The skills learned align to most state and national standards on financial literacy.

This latest StockTrak update is the sixth major redesign to the site since its original launch back in 1996. In addition to the complete redesign of the StockTrakportfolio, the site will also see a bigger emphasis on charts, performance metrics, assignment statistics reporting, curriculum unit introductions and assessments, improved options spread margins and trading, multi-legged option spreads, real-time forex trading, messaging center, and much more!

In addition to the site’s big changes, current StockTrak users will be the first to use the newest mobile app! The app will be available for both iPhone and Android users. The new app gives a mobile-first experience to allow students to access their portfolio and assignments anywhere with an internet connection. Best of all, The StockTrak App is completely free!

Professors interested in trying out the platform can create a free account to explore all these new and improved features, before registering their class for the upcoming semester!

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Mark T. Brookshire
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