PersonalFinanceLab Launches a Free Financial Literacy Challenge for K12 Students

StockTrak’s website offers Personal Finance and Business teachers a unique and customizable tool to teach students how to be financially smart adults. PersonalFinanceLab’s Budget Game, Stock Market Game, customizable curriculum, and certifications are a perfect addition to the classroom!  

Teachers can start the conversation now, when they register students for the FREE Spring Financial Literacy Challenge

The competition runs from March 28-April 29th, 2022. It’s the perfect opportunity for teachers to test their students’ financial knowledge, simplify complex topics about how to grow wealth, and even win prizes! Students will love the friendly competition, the bragging rights, and learning useful, life long skills, without realizing they’re in an academic setting. 

While competing in the Spring Financial Literacy Challenge, students practice managing a monthly budget, balancing planned and unexpected expenses, and managing a virtual investment portfolio. Students can invest in US stocks, bonds and mutual funds. 

The Budget Game replicates the daunting transition from student to employee, allowing young adults to test their spending and saving habits, without losing real money. While the Stock Game allows students to realize the balance between risk and return.

These concepts are near impossible for teachers to explain alone in one semester, but with PersonalFinanceLab, students can learn by doing! 

The PersonalFiananceLab Spring Financial Literacy Challenge gives K12 students the space to make mistakes with money and understand the benefits and consequences of being responsible for their own financial well-being!

Teachers can register their students for the Spring Financial Literacy Challenge here.

About Stock-Trak and is a web-based experiential education teaching and learning tool designed for personal finance, economics, business, social studies, and math classes for middle and high schools. It is the property of Stock-Trak, Inc., the world’s leading provider of web-based financial simulations for universities, high schools, and the financial services industry.

This unique fusion of technology, real-world market activity, and educational content is specifically designed to bring Financial Literacy to life and increase student engagement and maximize retention, through applied activities, exercises, interactive calculators, video, quizzes and more. is entirely web-based, which means teachers and students can access all the features, lessons, content, and portfolio simulation from anywhere with an internet connection. There is also an integrated learning resource center that includes over 300 lessons in a variety of business subjects. 

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