Stock-Trak executes all North American stocks, options, and future orders at real time prices. Mutual funds and bonds are executed at end of day prices while trades from international stocks are delayed 15-30 minutes. Since the markets close at 4 pm ET., trades made after that time will be executed at the opening price of Read More…


What counts as a trade?

Every successful transaction you make (buy, sell, short or cover) is counted as a trade. Open and cancelled orders do not count against your trade limit. Dividends and stock splits do not count as trades.


What is my initial cash balance?

Your initial cash balance is decided by the professor/class administrator when creating the game and can vary from thousands of dollars to hundreds of millions in the currency of their choice. You can view the initial cash balance by clicking “Portfolio Summary” under the “My Portfolio” tab. If you are an individual investor you can Read More…


How is the brokerage commission determined?

Commissions are decided upon by the professor and can be set as fixed $ amounts per trade, per share or a % total of each trade.