There are several rules which may prevent you from placing an order:

  • 1. Your challenge hasn’t started yet: Please check with your teacher for the beginning and end dates of your challenge.
  • 2. Minimum Stock Price: The minimum stock price must be $3.00 or higher
  • 3. Position Limit: You may not buy/sell an amount of securities that would be greater than 25% of your portfolio value.
  • 4. Insufficient Volume: If the desired security does not have sufficient volume to execute, then the order will stay pending until filled or canceled. By default the volume in the real markets must be double the amount you are attempting to trade.
  • 5. No Shorting Penny Stocks: You may not short sell any stock whose value is less than $3.00.
  • 6. No Penny Stocks on Margin: Buying stocks on margin (loan) priced less than $3.00 is not permitted.
  • 7. Insufficient Buying Power: You are out of money. Close some of your open positions to regain buying power.
  • 8. Your Challenge has ended: Please check with your teacher if the challenge has ended.