Stock-Trak Provides 100 Title 1 Schools Free Access to Financial Literacy Simulations and Curriculum

To help provide this valuable resource to those students that need it the most, Stock-Trak plans to provide free access to 100 Title 1 schools in 2022.

Stock-Trak, Inc., a leading provider of financial education resources to the K12 and college markets, has announced that it plans to provide free access to its popular website to 100 Title 1 schools in the U.S. in 2022.

Stock-Trak’s platform delivers a personal budgeting game, a stock market game, customizable curriculum and financial literacy certifications to help students boost their personal finance skills.

This unique fusion of technology, real-world market activity, and educational content is specifically designed to bring financial literacy to life, increase student engagement and maximize retention through applied activities. Students will learn important skills like how to prepare a monthly budget, how to build an emergency fund, how and when to use debit & credit cards, how to pay & manage bills, and how to build a diversified stock portfolio. The skills learned align to most state and national standards on financial literacy.

To help provide this valuable resource to those students that need it the most, Stock-Trak has announced its plans to provide free access to 100 Title 1 schools in 2022. A Site License to, which covers up to 1000 students per school, normally sells for $7,500 each. By offering this License to 100 schools, Stock-Trak commitment for 2022 is $750,000.

“Title 1” refers to schools in which 40% or more of the student body come from low-income families. Through the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, Title I schools are eligible for additional financial support from government agencies to help provide equal opportunities for all students to meet their educational goals. The purpose of the Title 1 program is to provide a fair and equitable learning environment, and to help bridge educational achievement gaps.

All students will be asked to complete a survey at the start and end of each semester to gauge their increased knowledge and understanding of core financial literacy concepts.

While Stock-Trak is providing free access to 100 Title 1 schools, Stock-Trak encourages other businesses to join Stock-Trak, Inc. in this financial literacy endeavour and sponsor schools in their areas.

About Stock-Trak, Inc. and is a web-based experiential learning tool designed for personal finance, economics, business, social studies, and math classes at the middle and high school grade levels. It is the property of Stock-Trak, Inc., the world’s leading provider of web-based financial simulations for the K12, university, and public education markets. is entirely web-based, which means teachers and students can access all the content, and portfolio simulations from anywhere with an internet connection. There is also an integrated learning resource center that includes over 300 lessons on a variety of business subjects.

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