Corporate Virtual Trading Software Solutions

Bring your website to life with a stock contest!

Custom Stock Market Site

Are you looking for a custom stock market trading simulation?

Stock Trak has a variety of solutions for your company. With our software, you can launch a customer acquisition and retention program for your website. You can also reward your current customer base with a sticky loyalty reward program. What about launching an employee education program with one of our virtual stock games? Our online stock games can easily be customized to fit your company’s look and feel for maximum impact and appeal. Let the trading begin!

Turnkey Product for Fast Delivery

Our FastTrak platform can be customized to provide a nearly seamless integration into your website, yet it is a completely separate and stand-alone product. We take care of everything from web hosting to user support.

Horizons Site

Instant Admin and Reporting

Access to your users and their trading is just a click away as every FastTrak comes with robust tools to provide you all the access you need.

Custom Site

Trading Software Features:

  • Entire turnkey solution from a provider with 20 years experience.
  • Seamless integration into your website with a perfect match of your look and feel.
  • Revitalize your brand with a unique customer acquisition and retention program.
  • Drive more web traffic, increase your CPM rates, and earn more revenue.
  • Virtual Trading Software Simulation can feature stocks, options, futures, bonds, and/or mutual funds from 160 global exchanges.
  • Streaming leaderboard and portfolio profit and loss.
  • Simulations can be built for 1 or 1,000,000 users.
  • Market/limit and stop orders.
  • End of day, delayed, and/or real-time data feeds available.
  • Fully customizable user registration field capture.

A Few Of Our Clients

  • Scottrade
  • Horizons ETF
  • The EuroCampus Stock Market Challenge Czech Republic
  • Chinese Finance Association
  • The Street
  • Voya Financial
  • Finamex

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