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StockTrak’s Personal Finance Service Level and Site Licenses

Bring a whole new level of engagement and classroom success with StockTrak’s cutting-edge suite of Personal Finance teaching resources for colleges. We have helped over 5 million students over the last 30 years better understand budgeting, insurance, investing, and credit – see how our resources can transform your classroom this semester.




Our Platform Features:



Budgeting Simulation

Our budgeting simulation puts your students in the role of a fresh college student who just started their first full-time job. Each participant needs to work through a simulated “year” balancing their work/life balance, striving to reach savings goals and build up their credit score while maintaining a high quality of life.



Investing Simulation

Our real-time investing simulation challenges your student to build a portfolio of stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and bonds, and manage it over the course of the semester. StockTrak is packed with research tools, reports, and tutorials to help students get started, with real-time rankings to keep students fully engaged.



Curriculum Library

Our 150 lesson fully-customizable curriculum library covers everything from credit and debt to insurance and risk. Used by over 20,000 classrooms around the world, our lessons include pop-quiz assessments to be organized as “Assignments” to align with your existing course outline or preferred textbook. If you are teaching for the first time, we also have recommended course outlines, lesson plans, and presentation templates to help quick-start your class.





budget game


Budgeting Simulation

Your students will be challenged to work through a year of our Budgeting Simulation, with each “month” taking about 20 minutes to complete. As they progress, they will be challenged to:

  • Set savings goals each month, with bonus points for saving at least 10% of every paycheck
  • Learn to estimate variable expenses based on their historical spending
  • Improve their Credit Score by responsibly using their credit card and keeping their balance low
  • Maintain their Work/Life balance by choosing how to spend their weekends – socializing, taking care of chores, working extra hours, or conducting professional development
  • Build their Quality of Life by spending money wisely – students cannot succeed by just cutting their spending to the bare minimum to survive
  • Understand long-term consequences, as students are hit with “Life Events” (usually an unplanned expense), ever few days. Their choices from these events have long-term impacts on how the game progresses for each student.

Your class is entirely customizable. Professors can choose the starting savings/checking balances, the base amounts for all bills (students have some options based on the class settings), the types of “life events” that occur each week of class, and even if students start with a part-time job in college before graduation, or if they are immediately entering the full-time workforce.






Investing Simulation

Your students are granted $100,000 in cash, which they need to use to build a portfolio of stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and bonds. Our trading simulation features:

  • Real-time bid/ask pricing for order execution
  • Live-streaming class rankings, both by overall and weekly returns
  • Automatic tutorials show students how to get started and evolve their portfolio
  • Built-in research tools can be simplified for beginners and expanded as students dig deeper
  • Portfolios viewable as lists or charts, color-coded for easy understanding
  • Students are prompted to take notes with every trade to provide justification, which both professors and students can review with live reports

There are over 50 different settings you can control for your class, including how much cash students start with, if they can borrow money (and at what interest rate), diversification enforcement, customizable commission structures, if day trading and short selling is allowed, and much more.



stock game





budget game


Curriculum Library

Your completely customizable curriculum library is designed to act as a perfect supplement to any major personal finance textbook, or stand on its own. Our curriculum features:

  • The ability to organize lessons into “Assignments”, each with their own start dates and due dates
  • Mix and match lessons to suite your preferred course outline
  • Automatic assessments at the end of every lesson
  • Track student progress in real time, including lesson progression and grades
  • Grant students extra cash to their budget simulation checking account or investment simulation portfolio upon completion of an “Assignment”
  • Set up automatic sequences of lessons for students to progress through at their own pace

Our curriculum library has over 60 different Personal Finance lessons with interactive mini-games, calculators, and automated assessments. This is augmented by our “Investing 101” course, a 10-chapter beginner’s investing course designed for students with no background in portfolio management.






Your Class: Gamified

As students progress through the budgeting/investing simulations and curriculum library, they will earn “Achievements” and badges they can show off on the rankings page. Their badges “Level Up” as they improve their mastery of each concept, encouraging students to go “above and beyond” core class requirements and rise to the top of the class rankings!


Badges can be disabled per class, depending on how you want to structure your class.





Pricing and Registration

StockTrak’s Personal Finance Service Level starts at $19.95 per student per semester, with site licenses available for bulk discounts. The registration fee can be paid by each student at registration, or the professor can choose to have the University invoiced based on the registrations in each class.




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