University Pricing

The per student price is based on the the product you wish to use (our Personal Budgeting Game or our Global Portfolio Simulation) and the number of weeks you wish to allow you students to have access. Medium and large schools, and schools with trading rooms or campus-wide financial literacy programs, will find the Site Licenses to be more economical.

If you are a professor and want to gain immediate access to explore the platform, click on the button below:
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Setting up your professor or admin account is completely free and takes less than a minute. Once you have registered, you will immediately receive a demo account with a virtual $100,000 so you can explore the platform. Then, when you are ready, you can REGISTER YOUR CLASS thru the ADMIN menu which will give you a link to share with your students.

  • most textbooks from McGrawHill, Cengage, and Wiley contain coupons so your students can save $5-$10 per account
  • the platform allows up to 2 students to share an account
  • and, finally, if you choose to use StockTrak in your class, when you REGISTER YOUR CLASS you will have the option to indicate payment method:

    • students can pay themselves with a credit card or Paypal when they register, or
    • we can invoice the University.

If you want to speak to someone immediately, please call 1-514-871-2222 and press 2 for sales from 9:30-5:00 pm ET. Or fill out this form: Questions? Please Contact Us!

Academic Pricing per Student Account

We offer a variety of Service Levels to fit semester, quarter and summer classes. Students can pay online when registering or the university can be invoiced.

StockTrak Virtual Trading Platform

(includes stocks, options, futures, future options, bonds, mutual funds, forex, spots, cryptos & global exchanges)

Service LevelTrading LengthMax TradesAdditional InfoPrice per account
STANDARDUp to 9 Weeks200Ideal for schools on the quarter system$29.95
SILVERUp to 12 Weeks300Our most popular option$31.95
GOLDUp to 18 Weeks400Longer or active trading classes (Futures & Options classes tend to prefer this level)$33.95
PLATINUMUp to 36 Weeks400Let your students have access for the full academic year!$45.95
SUMMERUp to 7 Weeks200Available only April – July$19.95

Don’t forget that most Finance textbooks from McGrawHill, Cengage, and Wiley contain coupons worth $5 or more off of these prices.

Financial Literacy Platform

includes budgeting game, personal finance curriculum & virtual trading of US stocks, bonds and funds

Service LevelTrading LengthMax TradesAdditional InfoPrice per account
PERSONAL FINANCEUp to 18 Weeks300For Personal Finance classes, Financial Literacy Programs$19.99

Corporate Pricing per Employee

(for-profit firms like brokerage firms, training, employee education)

Service NameTrading WeeksMax TradesPrice per account
Corporate Standardup to 12 weeks300$74.95
Corporate Annualup to 12 months1000$249.95

Academic Pricing for Site Licenses

Site Licenses and University branded applications are available for larger schools, trading rooms, and campus-wide financial literacy programs.

Site Licenses

Site Licenses are available as either a university-branded site or directly on

Service LevelAdditional InfoAccounts per yearAnnual Price
UNIVERSITY-BRANDED VIRTUAL TRADING & PERSONAL FINANCE SITEIdeal for larger schools, schools with trading rooms, campus-wide financial literacy programs, and high school recruiting.up to 2,000

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(All securities & personal finance sim)
Ideal for medium-size business schools. Includes equities, bonds, mutual funds, options, futures, forex, cryptos, global equities.up to 1,000$8,000
(All securities & personal finance sim)
Ideal for smaller business schools with only a few Investing and Personal Finance classes.up to 300$5,000
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