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If you believe your students are benefitting from using StockTrak, then please share the word to other finance professors. We will reward you, the new professor and his/her students with Amazon Gift Cards and discounts. It will be a WIN-WIN-WIN.

Over 95% of students who use StockTrak recommend their professors use it again next semester. To help reach as many classes as possible, we want to reward all professors who share StockTrak with our referral program.

How It Works

It’s simple – just provide us the name and email address of any other professor who has not used StockTrak in the last 2 years:

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    If you have any questions about the program, feel free to reach out to our sales team by emailing sales (at) We would be happy to have a call, or schedule a demo.


    More Information About Our New Personal Finance Program


    Transforming The Classroom

    Our Personal Finance Program is already used in over 5,000 classrooms around the United States.

    The interactive simulation brings together everything in the core curriculum, all tied together with the investment simulation featuring real stocks, bonds, and mutual funds at real prices to connect students directly with the real-world impact of their decisions.

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    Customer Service

    We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, and providing an excellent launching point for your class. The platform includes both video and text/image tutorials for all site functions (for both students and professors), a toll-free customer service number, live chat integrated into all Professor pages, and an email support system. We respond to all customer support requests within 1 business day.

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    Career Readiness

    We also have a feature-rich Career Center, where students can prepare themselves for the job market. This includes tips and advice to prepare for a 21st century job search, information on professional designations and certifications, and a powerful Job and Internship search tool, connecting your students directly with over 500,000 jobs and internships from around the world.

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