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We are always adding something new to StockTrak! We have added this changelog to make sure professors are always up to date with the newest enhancements and class management tools.

Brand New Features on StockTrak! (12/5/2019) - Professors, we heard your feedback and requests this past semester, and decided to upgrade our StockTrak site with brand new features to improve your experience on our site. Here is the list of all the new features of our new and improved StockTrak site: 1. Custom Exchanges Tool We created a brand new tool to allow professors to either restrict certain specific stocks, or to only give students a set list of stock to choose from. When setting up your next StockTrak class, you can either enter up to 50 ticker symbols as a "Whitelist" (meaning students can only trade those Read More
Custom Exchanges (12/4/2019) - Almost every class on StockTrak restricts the universe of securities that are available for each student's portfolio - whether by restricting entire security types or just limiting trades to certain exchanges. However, we have received many requests to take this a step further, to allow professors to either restrict certain specific stocks, or to only give students a set list of stocks to choose from. To bring this into reality, we just released our new Custom Exchange tool: When setting up your next StockTrak class, you can now "Customize" the US exchange - professors can enter a list of ticker Read More
Enhanced Ranking Report (12/4/2019) - Professors may have already realized there are two separate Rankings pages on StockTrak - the "Live Rankings" (which is visible for students), and the Rank Report (available in your Class Summary Reports). The rank report uses end of day values from the previous trading day, and includes useful tools for managing your class - including buttons to view each student's portfolio and trades, reset each student's account, and add or remove cash. Our latest enhancement makes this report even better - with a new button to view the history of each student's portfolio over the duration of your class: This Read More
Reset Student Accounts (12/3/2019) - Professors often ask for our team to reset individual accounts, or even entire classes after a "practice period" at the beginning of the semester. These requests have been getting so popular that we built it right into your admin pages! Starting in Spring 2020, the "Ranking" report in your professor administration tools will have a new "Reset" button next to each student. Just press this to reset each student back to their starting position. Please note that your ranking report will not show the portfolio value update immediately (as this page shows only the portfolio value for each student as Read More
Real-Time Forex Comes To StockTrak (12/3/2019) - The latest enhancement to StockTrak finally brings to bear our real-time, true-to-life Forex simulation! Our previous currency trading simulation allowed trading on a pure cash basis - students could buy and sell currencies at the real-time FX rates. While this is still very instructive, it missed out on the full nuance of Forex trading with dynamic charting tools, tick-by-tick trading data, and (most importantly) realistic margins to amplify buying power. Our latest enhancement to our Forex trading pit brings this all to the forefront - allowing professors to include a complete realistic Forex trading simulation to their international finance and Read More
User Account Generation (12/3/2019) - We take student data privacy seriously at StockTrak - with constant innovations to keep student data secure. However, we work with more and more schools that have their own restrictions on what kinds of personal information can be gathered, even for administrative purposes. To help make sure that all schools have access to StockTrak, we just released our new "Account Generation" tool. This new feature is an entirely new way to get students registered into your class - instead of using our classic registration link and inviting students to create their own username and password, professors just request however many Read More
StockTrak Teams (12/3/2019) - StockTrak is often used as a group project in investments and finance classes, where two or more students jointly manage a portfolio. Until now, all students in a group would need to share a login - making it impossible to track individual activity and performance. Enter StockTrak Teams! How Does It Work? With a regular StockTrak class, we give the option to let students enter more than one name on their account, which professors can see on their reports. However, this means professors cannot differentiate student activity in a group - this makes it difficult to utilize Assignments and Read More
New Features Fall 2019 Webinar Recording (8/16/2019) - We just held our "New Features" webinar for the Fall of 2019. If you missed it, you can view our recording here:
New Custom Reporting Tool Added! (8/7/2019) - Reporting might be THE MOST important feature on StockTrak for professors. Our newest update gives every instructor the ability to build their own Custom Reports - so you can see the fields YOU need, exactly as YOU need to see them!   How It Works To use the new Custom Reports, go to your "Summary Reports" page under "Admin" on the main menu after logging in. "Custom Report" will now be one of the available options. Clicking this for the first time will let you choose what you want to see on your first report. Just give the report a Read More
Equities Trading Page Enhancements (8/7/2019) - We just rolled out enhancements to our equities trading page, integrating more research, better charts, and an easier-to-read quote box for the Fall semester! Check out the image map below to see the new page - hover over any info element for more information.
New Activity Report Shows Trading Activity (8/6/2019) - It takes time to dive into reports on StockTrak, and ensure students are following up with their portfolios as they should. That is why we created our new Activity Report, available for Fall 2019 classes! The new Activity Report shows an interactive graph of your class trading activity over the last 14 or 30 days, showing the breakdown of orders and trades by day, giving a crystal-clear view on how your students are interacting with their portfolios. We also let you dive down into each individual student's activity, showing their daily activity, along with a summary of their most recent Read More
Stock-Trak Turns 30 (8/2/2019) - Stock-Trak was founded in August of 1990 - which means we just celebrated our 30th birthday! We would like to thank the tens of thousands of professors and millions of students we have served over the last three decades for helping us reach this milestone, and ensure that there are many more years to come! Explore StockTrak's history with the timeline below. To help the legacy continue, be sure to register your class for this semester too!   Get More Info Have questions about using StockTrak in your classes? Give us a call at 1-800-786-TRAK or fill out the form Read More
Stock-Trak Acquires Personal Budgeting Simulation (5/8/2019) - CashCrunch 101 Expands Company’s Educational Personal Finance Simulations For Immediate Release (Montreal, Quebec) May 8, 2019 – Stock-Trak Inc., the leading provider of virtual stock market trading applications for the education and consumer markets, has recently acquired a personal budgeting simulation (CashCrunch 101) from Fortune and Venture, LLC. “The addition of a customizable personal budgeting simulation is a perfect complement to our customizable stock simulation and personal finance curriculum.  Beginning this Fall, both our and our sites will have this budgeting simulation, allowing our K12 and university students to have a broader, financial educational experience” says Mark T. Read More
Automatically Copy Assignments (1/24/2019) - StockTrak's assignments feature is a fantastic way to help get your students introduced to the trading platform and follow up with trading. However, remembering your exact settings for each assignment every semester has always been a bit of a burden. Thankfully, our latest update makes this a thing of the past! The new "Duplicate Assignments" feature will show you a record of all the assignments you have used in previous classes, and let you copy them over with just one click. This dramatically reduces the time needed to set up your classes every semester, while keeping your class project consistent. Read More
Custom Time Zones Now Available (12/11/2018) - StockTrak is based on the East Coast, which means our servers operate in New York Time. This conveniently syncs up with trading on American equities exchanges, but not very well for European and Asian exchanges. We also have received some feedback from the (vast majority) of students who do not happen to be in Eastern Time - timestamps can get confusing. To help make report-building easier for students (and class end dates more clear for European and Australian schools), our newest update introduces Time Zones - letting each professor choose the time zone for their class. This impacts not just Read More
New class rules – Diversification (12/11/2018) - Every class that uses StockTrak is different - some focus on equities, others derivatives, still others on Forex or Bonds. However, all classes have one thing in common: an emphasis on portfolio diversification. StockTrak has supported basic diversification rules for many years. Our "Position Limit" rule puts a cap on how much your students can invest in any single security. But when it comes to many investments classes, this may not be enough - professors were looking for a way for diversification to be enforced across entire security types (requiring, for example, students to invest equally between "Equities" and "Options"). Read More
Public Portfolios (10/1/2018) - One of the most common requests we get from instructors is if students can see each other’s trades. Well, now they can!One of the most common requests we get from teachers is if students can see each other’s trades. Well, now they can! We added a new contest rule, called “Public Portfolios”. If you turn on public portfolios for your contest, there will be a new “View” button on the rankings page next to each participant. This will let each participant see each other’s trades, open positions, trade notes, and more!If you created your class contest before Public Portfolios were added, Read More
More International Exchanges Now Available (9/10/2018) - More international exchanges are now available for your class!We just upgraded our data feeds to accommodate more exchanges than ever - classes now have access to over 40 equities markets in the StockTrak platform.The new exchange include, but are not limited to:TokyoMumbaiKuala LumpurBangkokIstanbulMilanAucklandMadridTel Aviv...and more!If you have already registered your class for this semester, you can make these exchanges available for trading for your students from the "Edit Class Variables" page. If you haven't set up your class yet, click here to register, and happy trading!
BTC trade Cryptocurrency Trading Is Here (8/29/2018) - Cryptocurrency trading has arrived on StockTrak!Based on our survey of students and professors in Spring 2018, over 90% of students and over 60% of professors requested we add cryptocurrencies as a new security type, available for trading. You asked and we listened - cryptos are now available for trading! Students can enter values in either dollar amounts or number of shares.Crypto trading is disabled by default on all classes, but professors can enable them from the class rules page. For now, they are considered an "exchange" within equities (meaning they share the same commission structure and position limit settings as Read More
class creation help New Class Creation Help (8/29/2018) - When you set up your class on StockTrak, there are over 50 different settings you can tweak to make the best possible simulation for your class.Unfortunately, 50 settings can be also a bit overwhelming for new professors. To help simplify the process, and make sure every class gets the best settings for the subject at hand, we've revamped the class creation page to include new help text and tooltips:You can also find a new Live Chat at the bottom of each page, getting you directly in touch with our support team for any questions you might have about setting up Read More
New Personal Finance Tools (1/12/2018) - StockTrak has been the leader for investments simulations over 27 years, but we are also one of the most powerful supplements included with college and university Personal Finance classes.To make our platform the absolute best it can be for Personal Finance classes, we just launched a completely new service level - including a suite of features specifically tailored for Personal Finance classes.New Personal Finance FeaturesThe new Personal Finance-specific tools includes a huge library of Personal Finance lessons and activities with built-in assessments that you can add to your class assignments with a click of a button.A selection of the integrated Read More
Forex Trading (12/10/2017) - Full Forex trading has come to StockTrak!Long-time professors may already be familiar with our Spots trading pit - we have allowed students to trade currency and commodity spot contracts using a simplified trading interface, similar to a stock trade. However, with our most recent update, we have introduced our brand-new Spots trading pit, giving students tick-by-tick charts and streaming quotes for over a dozen currency pairs:Classes that already allow students to trade Spot contracts will give access to the new Forex trading pit automatically. If you want to add Forex trading to an existing class, or include it in your Read More
New Feature – Trade Notes (7/10/2017) - It is essential that students are able to justify every trade placed while using StockTrak - most professors already require students to write summaries of their trading activities, usually as a final report or presentation of their portfolio. The only downside is that these summaries are always written with 20/20 hindsight - it is hard to tell what the rationale for each trade was at the time the order is placed. To bridge this gap, StockTrak has launched our new Trade Notes feature.Learn From Every TradeEvery time a student places a trade on StockTrak, they are now asked if they Read More
Assignments Upgrade (6/5/2017) - A common request we receive is professors looking for ways to make StockTrak more accessible for students in entry-level classes - students who are first starting to understand the fundamentals of investments and finance, or participating in remote classes with less face time with professors for explanation on how to get their portfolio started.Well, we have good news! Our latest enhancements to the StockTrak Assignments feature makes it faster and easier than ever for your students to get started, and provide guidance to your class. Here's what we added:Educational ArticlesIn addition to the tutorial videos and trading assignments that are Read More
Student-Only Rankings (5/8/2017) - One of the most common requests we've received from professors is to remove themselves from the class ranking, leaving only student accounts. We have just as many professors who like to leave "benchmark" portfolios for students to compete against, keeping the competitions lively.To accommodate both types of teaching, we are happy to announce a new class setting that will let you decide whether or not you want to appear in your class rankings - simply select "Yes" or "No" when choosing the rest of your class rules to keep yourself in or out of the rankings.
Open Positions Sorting (5/8/2017) - The Open Positions on StockTrak have just gotten an upgrade.Now from the "list" view, students can sort their holdings alphabetically, quantity held, price paid, last price, market value, or profit/loss. Simply click the column heading of the value you would like to sort by to instantly re-order your holdings by what matters most.
New Career Center (11/30/2016) - This might be the most valuable update to StockTrak yet!Last year, over 80% of students who used StockTrak believed it made them a stronger candidate in the job market, and we take that information seriously. We want to help your students find jobs, and to help, we have launched our new Career Center.The Career Center has 3 main parts, each helping your students launch a great career.Job PostingsOur Job Postings tool brings together job and internship postings from 3 of the biggest sources - CareerBuilder, Indeed, and ZipRecuirter, all into one place. Students can search over 200,000 jobs and internships Read More
Exercising Options Upgrade (9/6/2016) - If your class includes options trading or derivatives, you have probably covered options, and how to exercise them, in great detail.In the past, StockTrak generally discouraged students from exercising options, since it is generally more profitable to sell the option contract itself and keep the time premium. If students wanted to exercise their options, previously they would need to contact our support team.Based on professor feedback, we have added a new Option Exercise button directly to the Open Positions page:We still generally encourage students to trade the options directly instead of exercising - to this end, we also included a Read More
StockTrak New Features For Fall 2016 (6/14/2016) - Everything you ever wanted to teach your next investments or finance classes StockTrak Set To Launch A Completely Redesigned Trading Platform The StockTrak Team has been working very hard to offer you the best stock market simulation and virtual trading application. We are proud to officially announce the release of our newly redesigned trading platform at the end of this summer. If you would like to attend a webinar detailing the new enhancements... Click To Sign Up For A Webinar The New Platform Has A Completely Redesigned Look And Feel Dozens Of New Features Class Quick-Create If you have used Read More
Real-Time Class Rankings (4/22/2016) - The Achilles Heel of big class competitions on StockTrak used to be the lag between when your students' portfolio values updated, and when they moved in the rankings. For big classes, this delay could be over 2 hours long.With this most recent update, your class rankings are now streaming in real time - as soon as students update the page, the class rankings update too!What does this mean for your class? More student engagement, more class excitement, and better student learning!The streaming portfolio updates only apply to the "Portfolio Value" ranking - the Sharpe Ratio and Alpha/Beta rank types will Read More