Editing Class Rules and Viewing Reports

Editing Trading Rules

To edit a class rule, click Edit Portfolio Simulation Rules under Admin on the main menu.

If you would like to set-up a new class and need some assistance, please go to Setting Up Your Class Guide.
You can edit almost any parameter in your session, with the following exceptions:

  • Portfolio currency cannot be changed.
  • Initial cash balance – contact our helpdesk.
  • Trading end date – contact our helpdesk.
  • Margin trading – contact our helpdesk.

Admin Menu

Under the admin menu is where you can:

  • Create or edit your sessions
  • Create, edit or view your assignments
  • Access tutorials and how-to guides
  • Registration file – reset passwords and portfolios, or grant special TA permissions
  • Manage teams
  • Make a payment

Manage Teams

When you create a team the individual student portfolios are averaged together in the class rankings. You can elect to have one student place all trades, while the other team members login to their accounts to advise them. Otherwise, all the trades placed in each student account will be averaged together in the team portfolio. The team account login exists to allow team members to login and view their combined portfolio, however they cannot place trades from that account.

Lastly, students should use their individual accounts for the Budget Game and to complete any/all assignments. The Budget Game feature will only be available if you selected Personal Finance when setting up your class. For more information about setting up your next class, please Click Here.

Once you’re on the Manage Teams page, you should see two columns: Users Without Teams and Active Teams. Make sure to check the session name (in the orange button) in the top menu is the right one before proceeding.

If you haven’t already created any teams, you can do so by clicking + Add New Team. Please keep in mind that like usernames, the system will not allow duplicate names for teams.

To add a student to a team, select the team name from the Add To Team dropdown menu next to their name. You can view students already in a team by clicking on View Team. If you want to remove a team, you can click DELETE, and the students in that team should reappear in the Users Without Teams column. If they don’t appear right away, you can refresh your page. 

Reports Menu

The reports menu is where you can access both the premade and custom reports for your class or session. If you have more than one active session, click the orange button in the top menu to choose the right one.

Summary Report

The summary report has some overview information for your session; such as total registrations, total activations (a student account which has placed at least one trade), and the total number of trades placed so far. You can also review which security types and exchanges have been enabled.

Registration File

The Registration File report will have all of the registration information for each student. If your students are working in pairs, the name of the second user on each account will also be listed here. To give your TA the permission to access reports and view student activity, change the answer to Yes under the Is TA? column.

Ranking Report

The rankings report includes portfolio value information for each student. This report updates at midnight each day – if you want to see the intraday rankings, click Portfolio Ranking from the Portfolio Simulation tab on the main menu.

From the Ranking Report, you can:

  • Portfolio: click this button to view account details like open positions, transactions, detailed balances, realized profit/loss and trade notes per student.
  • Cash Adjustment: will let you add or remove cash from each student’s account.
  • View Chart: will provide a pop-up window with a 1-month graph or a 3-month graph of that student’s portfolio compared to the SPY%.
  • Reset Portfolio: should be used sparingly as it will purge your student’s account of all their transactions so far.

User Summary

The User Summary report will contain more granular information for each student’s portfolio. Including:

  • Number of trades
  • Last Trade
  • Portfolio Value
  • Yesterday Value
  • Cash Balance
  • Buying Power
  • Market Value Long
  • Market Value Short
  • Bonus Cash
  • Action: View Account Details
  • Action: Cash Adjustment
  • Action: View Chart
  • Action: Reset Portfolio

Activity Report

This report will graph the number of trades and number of orders over a 7-day, 14-day or 30-day period. You will also be able to view more detailed activity per student along with recent orders and their symbols.

Diversification Report

Find out the breakdown of investments across the different types of securities over the last 7 days displayed as bar graphs.

Top Traded Securities

You can filter the most commonly traded securities in your class by date, type of order (buy, sell, short, cover) or by user.

Full Session Portfolio Exports

The report contains larger Excel files that you can export for all students registered in your session.

  • Export Account Statements button will download your entire class transaction history, open positions, and account balances, grouped by students.
  • Export Historical Portfolio Values will download the end of day value for each student in your class for the entire duration of the trading period.
  • Export Trade Notes to download a record of all student trade notes.
  • Export Account Details will let you download a subset of the “Account Statements” report, such as just transaction histories or just open positions.

Custom Reports

If you haven’t been able to find the information you’re looking for, you can generate your own Custom Reports. To create one, click Create Custom Report from the Reports dropdown menu. Your report can be as simple or as robust as you need.

Choose from the following items by clicking on Add and your list should automatically populate in the Included Fields column. Whenever you’re done give your new report a name and click create.

  • User Info: first name, last name, email, registration date, secondary name etc.
  • Current User Activity: last login date, buying power, trades made, interest charged on cash, market value etc.
  • Historical Data: specify the date for when you’d like to see student data for items like, cash balance, market value long, market value short, sharpe ratio etc.
  • Open Positions: symbol, average price paid, quantity, exchange, currency
  • Trading Data: order side, order status, order type, symbol, quantity, create date, trades notes, security type etc.
  • Functions: edit username, reset password, view portfolio, add/remove cash