Chartered Financial Analyst


Do You Have Dreams Of Being A Portfolio Manager, Research Analyst, or a C-Level Executive? Then The Chartered Financial Analyst® Designation Is For You!

The Chartered Financial Analyst designation is one of the most respected and recognized investment designations in the world. Obtaining this credential will ensure you are on the right path to realizing your dreams.

The CFA is also one of the most challenging designations to obtain. It is comprised of 3 levels, each with their own unique set of topics. Candidates must pass all 3 levels, and complete a required work term, in order to obtain the full designation. The latest report from the Institute showed that candidates sitting for the Level 1 exam who did not work from recommended study materials had less than a 37% pass rate.

According to, Finance Majors with the CFA Designation Make $24,800 more than those who do not.


Passing the Level 1 is just the first step in a long road, but it is also one of the most prestigious items you can add to your resume right out of school. To boost your chances of passing the exam and getting your resume noticed, interested students should sign up for the CFA exam and take the first test while still in school. To help you pass this test, we have found the best reviewed CFA exam prep materials that you can start working with right away.

Wiley Study Guide For 2015 Level 1 CFA

This is the comprehensive study guide by Wiley, the industry leader in self-guided certification exam prep materials. This review guide has over 1000 pages, covering every angle of the Level 1 exam, with dozens of study aids, exam tips, and real-life examples to drive the lessons home.

This package does have limited availability, so if it is sold out at the first glance, check back later (or see if it has other listings)

CFA Basics: Pre-Level 1

If you are just getting started with your exam prep, this is the place to be. This has a condensed warm-up getting your feet wet in CFA prep, reviewers all attest that it is a great place to start while you are still a student.

After going through this resource you should have a great idea of where you strengths and weaknesses lie, so you have a great idea how to spend your study efforts to get the best score on your first try.

CFA 2014 11th Hour Guide

The 11th hour guide is designed to be used exactly as it sounds; a crash course covering everything you should know in a condensed format. If you want to see everything in a birds-eye view, or want a great tool to wrap up your prep efforts to make sure you can pass at your first exam, this is the place to go.