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What is a Stock Screener?

A Stock Screener is a tool that investors use to find winning stocks based on their own criteria. For example, if you are interested in buying a stock in the Healthcare sector that is priced under $50/share with a Price-to-Earnings ratio above 25, you can put those criteria into a stock screener and it will give you a list of companies that match.

Stock screeners are usually the starting point when you’re ready to start buying stocks and building your portfolio.

StockTrak’s Stock Screener

Having a StockTrak account gives you FREE access to the Chaikin Analytics Stock Screener for the duration of your class. To use the Stock Screener, you’ll need to create a separate login for Chaikin Analytics. If you haven’t already set one up, Click Here To Set It Up For Free.

Once you’re there, just click “Screener” at the top of the page:

This will open up the screener tool, which is very easy to use.



First, select your “Stock Universe.” This will be the total pool of stocks that it is searching through – by default, it will use the Russell 3000 (and any other stocks that have a “Bullish” Chaikin Power Gauge rating). The “Stock Universe” is where you can filter by different index groups, industries, small/mid/large cap, or even if you’re looking for “Growth” or “Value” stocks.

After selecting you “Stock Universe,” you can add any number of filters, including Power Gauge ratings, Performance, Technical, or Fundamental factors, or how its signals have been moving over the last day, week, month, or year.

The stocks will output on the right in the form of a grid that you can further sort by rating, price, and several other factors.

As you filter your list down to exactly what you’re interested in, you can “Save” the list for later, or click individual stocks to see more specific technical information, charts, and much more.

For a complete guide on using the Stock Screener, Click Here.