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Prepare the next generation for financial success by sponsoring local schools and universities with effective financial literacy resources.

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Show Your Commitment to A Brighter Future

Empower members of your community by offering local schools complete access to our cutting-edge financial literacy platform. Helping students establish good money habits, make better financial decisions, and ultimately prevent excessive debt, through engaging financial literacy simulations.

Become a Trailblazer

Position your organization as a visionary leader in driving financial literacy. Shaping the success of future generations, and leaving a lasting legacy.

Strengthen your Clients’ Financial Skills

Our games teach basic banking, budgeting, and cash management skills that everyone needs. Self-paced learning to meet all skill levels.

Build Goodwill and Customer Loyalty

Your support will demonstrate your commitment to social responsibility, winning you the trust and loyalty of your customers.

Proactively Address the issue of Bad Debt

Imagine a world where every individual, irrespective of their socioeconomic background, understood how to manage their money responsibly? Reducing the risk of bad debt, defaults, and the misuse of credit cards.

Encourage Future Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

By fostering financial literacy early in life, you’ll be nurturing a generation of well-informed, ambitious entrepreneurs who can create jobs, help drive local economies, and ultimately contribute to your institution’s growth.

Secure a better future for everyone involved

Financial Literacy is the backbone of the financial system, increasing the standard of living, and ensuring a brighter future for all.

Experience the StockTrak Advantage

When you sponsor a school or university to get access to our financial education platform, you’re providing both teachers and students all the resources they need to bring personal finance to life in the classroom.

What’s included in your sponsorship?

Partial Branding within the platform will strengthen your reputation as a driving force for positive change!

Sponsorship Includes

Schools will also get access to the following financial education resources!

Customizable and Interactive Budget Game and Stock Games with Live Ranking and Real-Time Data to Keep Students Engaged.

Full Learning Library with National and State Standards-Aligned Lessons and Self-Grading Quizzes.

Dedicated Account Manager Providing the Best Practices from 30+ Years of Expertise in Financial Education Simulations.

Live Teacher Training Webinar Making the Most of the Platform from Day One.

Live Chat Customer Support (9AM to 5PM EST) Ensuring Superior Assistance and Guidance to Your Target Audience.

Optional: Integrate Custom Lessons to Provide Additional Information that is Specific to your Target Audience or Local Area.

How Does it Work?

1. Choose what kind of program you want to sponsor

  • Sponsor a middle or high school license for our popular PersonalFinanceLab.com, packed with gamified badges and certifications that students love.
  • Launch a campus-wide financial literacy challenge at a local college or university, incentivizing young adults to build responsible financial habits.
  • Support a trading room or finance lab at a university, featuring the #1 global college virtual finance simulation.
  • Boost your visibility and promote financial literacy by launching your own customized, branded website for maximum impact in your community.

2. Choose how many individuals get access to the platform

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Turnkey White-Label Financial Education Solution

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Acting with purpose is contagious – it inspires stakeholders to join organizations in their quest to make the world a better place.

Larry Fink, CEO, Blackrock

Monitor Success with Ease

Closely monitor the efficacy of your support through our robust reporting tools, designed to provide valuable insights into student progress and performance. View daily activity, transaction histories, rankings, grades and more.

Stay involved and engaged as we transform how students of all ages manage their money and learn how to build wealth.

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Your Trusted Education Partner

As the leading provider of virtual trading applications for universities, high schools, corporations, and the public, we are committed to excellence in financial education. Our stock market simulation empowers 1,000 professors and teachers across 30 countries, impacting over 1 million students each year.

Trusted by 80% of the top U.S. business schools, our comprehensive platform offers unparalleled access to global markets and financial instruments.

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Experiential Learning

Students embark on an interactive learning journey in the Stock Game, starting with a $100,000 virtual brokerage account and discovering how to build a diversified portfolio. Students can trade stocks, options, futures, bonds, mutual funds, currencies, and other securities from 50 global exchanges.

In the Budget Game, students get firsthand experience managing a monthly budget, where they learn to balance their bills and expenses while maintaining a high quality of life. Financial literacy pop-up lessons are seamlessly integrated into the game, guaranteeing that students walk away with a 360-degree view of personal finance.

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Hear it from our partners!

At Fox School of Business at Temple University, we believe education technology and experiential learning play an integral role to improve student learning outcomes… StockTrak is one of these tools that bridge the gap between theory and practice… Also it has been a great resource to engage students outside of class time as an extracurricular learning activity.

Bora Ozkan, Professor – Temple University, Fox School of Business

98% of students reported they felt more prepared to face the challenges of adult life since using PersonalFinanceLab.

Based on the results of the Fall 2022 Student Survey

I am so grateful to have been able to give my students the opportunity to play the Budget Game this year. I truly think every student in the country would benefit from playing the game. I wish I had something like this to help me before I moved out on my own and started college. I think the game will give my students a lot of great skills that will help them navigate that scary first year away from home.

Michael Eklund, Teacher – Kenilworth Junior High Schools

91.6% of college students recommend their professor continue to use StockTrak.com in their next class.

Based on the results from the annual Student Survey

It’s a great tool to learn how investing works, what to look for and to see gains on investments made. All of the tools provided help new investors research stocks and percentage of gains.

Maria Perez, former StockTrak student

81% of students saved at least $1,000 in their emergency savings fund.

Based on the results of the Fall 2022 Student Data

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