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Transform your classroom into a Financial Literacy Lab

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  • Integrated Personal Finance and Stock Market Simulations
  • Standards-based Curriculum
  • Built-in Assessments
  • And (optional) Scrolling Tickers and LCD Screens

    High Schools Have Biology and Chemistry Labs.
    It’s time they have FINANCE LABs.

    High School Finance Lab Pic

    While some high school students pursue careers in biology or chemistry, EVERY student will someday have a bank account and a credit card. EVERY student will get a job and pay taxes.  EVERY student will buy or lease a car and have to buy auto insurance.  EVERY student will rent an apartment or buy a house. And, hopefully, EVERY student will enjoy a comfortable retirement.   So why don’t schools require EVERY student to take a class in a Personal Finance Lab?

    Let us help you teach ALL of your students these real-world, practical skills in your Personal Finance Lab.


    High School Finance Lab

    With a high school FINANCE LAB, you can make sure ALL of your students graduate being financially literate.  Engage your Personal Finance, Economics, and Business students with real-world applications in an exciting Wall Street-style classroom.  Our Finance Lab package is a combination of hardware and a customizable stock market game that integrates over 125 lessons and activities aligned to national standards. When you add a Finance Lab to your school, you will have your students lining up in the hallway to take a class in your Lab. If you aren’t interested in the hardware and just want to learn more about our site, click here.


    High School Stock Lab

    Every student wants to have more money and learn how to save and invest!  The streaming tickers and the colorful LCD screens will pique their curiosity and lure them in.  And when your students sit down in your Financial Literacy Lab they will be given a virtual $100,000 to invest in the stock market on  


    Financial Literacy Website

    At the core of the Financial Literacy Lab is our website. This site features self-paced activities to guide students through embedded lessons and activities that are aligned to standards. Features of this site include:

    • Stock market simulation site that allows students to manage a virtual portfolio of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.
    • Stock quotes, charts, and news.
    • Complete 5 year financial statements including balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, SEC filings, Wall Street analyst ratings, company profiles, earnings and economic calendars, NYSE/NASDAQ most actives, gainers and losers, and more
    • Interactive financial calculators including: compound interest, advanced investment return calculators that factor in taxes and inflation, personal budgeting, credit card interest and payoffs, car loan interest, mortgage rates and terms, housing rent vs buy, automotive buy vs lease and more.
    • Robust Education Center with articles and lessons aligned to state standards for personal finance, math, social studies, economics, business and computers.
    • Articles include “pop quizzes” at the end to assess students’ grasps of concepts
    • “Report Card” feature that allows teachers to monitor student activities on the site including stock market portfolio and pop quiz performance
    • Learn more about our site by clicking here.


    While learning how to save and invest by managing a virtual portfolio of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, your students will be led through the site’s built-in “Assignments.” These Assignments contain our curriculum of articles, activities, videos, and quizzes that ensure mastery of the subject. Your Personal Finance classes will use our 25 embedded lessons and activities that align to the Personal Finance standards; your Economics classes will use our 25 Economics lessons and activities that align to Economics standards; and similarly for your Social Studies, Math and Business classes. All 125+ lessons and activities are aligned to national standards, but all have a personal finance theme. When students login to check on their stock portfolio they will be reminded of their progress through the Assignment.


    Finance Lab Assignments

    Three different subjects can be taught through the same website ( and each class will have access to the articles and activities aligned to the relevant national standards. With this site, most of the articles and activities have a financial literacy theme to help them with their understanding of the markets, savings, and investing.  Along the way, students will also learn how current events, the government, politics, and large businesses can impact the financial markets and their own portfolios.

    Download Our Content Overview PDF

    Download Our Sample Course Outline PDF

    Self-Grading Pop Quizzes Insure Student Mastery

    Finance Lab Pop Quiz

    From the teacher perspective, our site is self-paced so that students can work at their own speed completing the articles and activities. The site is also self-grading, so that teachers will know which students have completed which articles and activities because every task on the site has a pop-quiz at the end. Students must show mastery of the subject in order to get credit for completing that task!


    To learn more, you can register for a free trial account at by clicking the link below.

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