Student Data Privacy

Stock-Trak is committed to protecting and safeguarding student data, by implementing data privacy and security policies & procedures. We are a proud member of the Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC), and aim to fully leverage the SDPC’s National Data Privacy Agreements (NDPA) to not only be part of streamlining the process for all involved, but to ensure we are continuously meeting federal and state laws such as SOPPA, FERPA and COPPA.


Stock-Trak is proud to present the following SDPC badges, which we received from signing an unmodified NDPA with a school district within the specified states.

What does this mean for you? If Stock-Trak has earned a badge in your state, you will be able to scroll down to the ‘Data Privacy Agreements’ section below, and leverage the signed contract! Simply download and sign ‘Exhibit E – General Offer of Privacy Terms’ of the agreement. This Exhibit allows you to agree with confidence, to be bound by the same terms between Stock-Trak and another school district in your state.

Data Privacy Agreements

State Alliance Members

In the table below, you will find all signed agreements between Stock-Trak and the first school district that signed a standard DPA with us in each state.

If your school district falls in one of the below states, simply download the two files (the agreement and Exhibit E) and forward them to your IT department. Have them fill out Exhibit E and return a signed copy to

StateDistrict NameAgreements
CASan Dieguito Union High School District*Agreement
Exhibit E
ILWarren Township High School District 121Agreement
Exhibit E
MAAshburnham Westminster Regional School DistrictAgreement
Exhibit E
NHBedford School District SAU 25Agreement
Exhibit E
ORHillsboro School DistrictAgreement
Exhibit E
UTGranite School District*Agreement
Exhibit E
WANorthshore School District*Agreement
Exhibit E
*School districts that signed a modified data privacy agreement with Stock-Trak

Non-State Alliance Members

The below table includes states that are currently not part of the Student Data Privacy Consortium.

If your school district falls in one of the below states, download the agreement and forward this to your IT department. You will need to have them review and return a signed copy to

NYNew York Student Data Privacy Agreement

What if my state is not listed? Stock-Trak has signed many data privacy agreements with school districts across the US including Colorado, Montana, and Connecticut to name a few. We are steadily transitioning into using the SDPC standard data privacy agreements, so if your state is currently not listed in the above tables, or if your school is not in the US, please send us an email at and we will gladly work with you on getting a Data Privacy agreement in place!