CFA Society of Dallas/Fort Worth Financial Literacy Program

Join the CFA Society of Dallas/Fort Worth Financial Literacy Program

We have partnered with PersonalFinanceLab to provide free personal finance content for use in Dallas/Fort Worth area high school classrooms. Thank you to our generous corporate sponsors for providing the $1,000 site license for your school free of charge.

This program includes an interactive personal budgeting game, real-life stock market trading simulation and important personal finance lessons using innovative technology and gamification to help teach topics such as budgeting, saving, investing and debt/credit management. This fun and interactive program is used by thousands of high schools and universities each year to provide real-world experiential learning in the classroom.

Teachers:  How to Register

Teachers must register on this site and indicate how many student accounts they need.  It is recommended that each student has his/her own account.

The supplemental content is designed with up to 18 modules and takes about 45 minutes per module to complete, and most teachers use it for one class period a week or as a supplemental project for extra credit.  When you click the “Register” button below, you will have the option to select from four 10-18 module course shells.  A description of the content included in each course shell is provided in the Class Description.

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Our Generous Corporate Sponsors

CFA Society of Dallas/Fort Worth wants to thank the organizations that support our mission of providing financial literacy and personal finance education to all DFW area high school students.  We believe these are critical life lessons that all students should understand and learn before graduating high school.

Learn more here about becoming a corporate sponsor and join the list of organizations who are committed to helping us achieve our goal of increasing personal finance and financial literacy education in all area high schools.

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