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Every year hundreds of thousands of business students graduate, yet struggle to launch a rewarding career in their preferred field. To help you get the job you want, we have created our Career Center, where students are getting ready to enter the work force can find additional career prep tools, certification courses, and in-demand qualifications that will put them ahead of the competition in today's tight job market, and get the positions they want right out of the gate.

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Want to be a Stock Broker or start a career on Wall Street? Here's a secret to landing that first job.

If you want a job on Wall Street, you need to make sure your resume stands out from the thousands of other graduates that are applying for the Wall Street jobs.

Here is a secret that we have learned from helping hundreds of other students get that dream job—take a Series 7 Exam Prep course and show those Wall Street firms that you are ready to take this exam and can hit the ground running.

Candidates who have already passed a Series 7 Exam prep course, like the one offered by Securities Training Corp (STC), are much more likely to get hired than those who have not.

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