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Every year hundreds of thousands of business students graduate, yet struggle to launch a rewarding career in their preferred field. To help you get the job you want, we have created our Career Center, where students are getting ready to enter the work force can find additional career prep tools, certification courses, and in-demand qualifications that will put them ahead of the competition in today's tight job market, and get the positions they want right out of the gate.

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The CPA Exam: The Accounting Standard

If you are approaching the end of a degree in Accounting, the CPA exam requires no introduction. From performing audits of multinational corporations, diving into financial reports to gather unparelleled insight into company operations, spotting and stopping fraud and overspending, and creating the budgets that run the world, the CPA professional designation is the absolute must-have cerfiication for every accountant.

What you might not know is that the CPA has a less than 50% pass rate, even among candidates with extensive experience. If you are just getting out of school, there is nothing that will give you a better boost ahead of your peers than passing the CPA exam early, and on your first try.

CPAs Can Earn 15% More Than Their Non-Credentialed Counterparts
Robert Half 2015 Salary Guide

Below we have collected some of the best-reviewed CPA exam prep materials available, take a look and find a resource that suits your needs to get certified and get hired.

Wiley CPAexcel Exam Review Guide 2015

The Wiley guide has been the industry standard for many years, and 2015 is no different. This is a comprehensive guide that covers all the topics in the CPA exam, most users from past exams using one or more additional supplements to get more practice questions, condensed versions, or other different "views" of the material

Wiley CPAexcel Exam Study Guide 2015

This is the companion study guide for the full Wiley CPA Review Guide. This covers most of the same material, but more condensed for a better "big picture" look.

This supplement has almost 4,000 practice questions to help you zero in on the areas that you should focus on while studying, plus dozens more pointers and helpful hints to get you passed on your first try.

Bisk CPA Review

The Bisk Review has been cited as the best, if not the most common, CPA exam prep for the last 40 years. On top of the huge amount of exam prep materials covering every topic of the CPA in depth, the Bisk guide also is littered with exam tips, techniques, strategies, questions, and answers so you are always kept in the testing frame of mind while you are reviewing the material. This is a 4 volume set containing just about everything you should need to pass the CPA exam, with the highest review rating of any exam package we have seen

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