Portfolio Management – Investment Club Learning Module

AimTo construct and manage a portfolio of equities within the limitations of the scenario set out below. This will involve reading the financial press, interpreting information, analysing information and where appropriate speculating upon it.ScenarioYou are required to set up an Investment Club with the objective of constructing and managing a portfolio of shares. The members […]

Investments – Security Analysis Project

Stock-Trak ProjectRequires weekly trades, explanations, and a final report (22% of total grade).Two portfolios are tracked for each student. One portfolio is passively managed after the first week, and the second portfolio is actively managed given weekly requirements. The portfolio has a total return objective.Week 1 (trades from Feb 8 through Feb 12)Students purchase (broad […]

Economics – Equity Markets and Institutions

The primary goal of the project is to gain an understanding of the investment process by becoming an interested participant. Students will participate in a portfolio simulation exercise by trading an initial wealth of $500,000.Can we play the game in a group?You can form groups of two, or play the game on your own, as […]

Portfolio Management – Investment Principles and Analysis Project

SECURITY ANALYSIS PROJECTThe requirements of the security analysis project are the following:1. form a team of three students for the project2. as a team choose a stock from the attached list of companies3. complete an analysis of the stock to determine its acceptability as an investment4. present your formal analysis and investment recommendation to the […]

Investments – Analysis Project

The purpose of using Stock-Trak is to give you a better understanding of portfolio management. You will also learn a variety of financial instruments and their risks and rewards in the real world. The simulation will span the semester – hardly enough time for you to demonstrate your financial prowess to your classmates. Rather, the […]

Agriculture – Marketing Project

Specifics• Point Value: 150 points• Groups of two or three• Trading occurs between 09/09/13 – 11/15/13• Reports are due by 5:00 PM on Thursday, November 21, 2013• Responsible TA:Anders Van Sandt will be your key contact for questions and issues relating to the StockTrak project, and how to use the website.I. OBJECTIVES:To acquaint you with […]

Portfolio Management – Fundamental Analysis Project

The goal of this assignment is to apply the fundamental analysis tools that we have studied. We will use these tools to analyze a firm’s fundamentals and then come up with a trading strategy.First choose a publicly traded company that you would hypothetically want to analyze/track/invest in.Using a financial news website such as the following, […]

Portfolio Management – Technical Analysis Project

1. Using at least 3 technical analysis tools, identify one stock to either buy or short sell. You must print out whatever charting you finally use. I recommend: www.bigcharts.com or www.stockcharts.com2. Type a few coherent sentences explaining your choice of strategy and reasoning from these 3+ techniques (technical analysis).3. As soon as you have picked […]

Investments – Bond Analysis And Trading Project

• For this assignment, you will be analyzing a U.S. Treasury coupon bond and purchasing it on Stock-Trak.• Stock Trak trades only a very limited number of bonds. To trade bonds, you click on “Bonds” under “Trading” on the lower left of the screen. In the trading window, under “Symbol”, you will find a selection […]